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Capcom “starting to prepare” multiple Switch-version titles

Posted on July 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Capcom reported its latest financial results earlier today. In its overall outline, the company noted that Ultra Street Fighter II – the company’s first Switch game – is a “smash hit” and “made an excellent start”. At least for the time being, Capcom appears to be pleased the performance of Ultra Street Fighter II. The game shipped 450,000 copies in Q1, which was above expectations.

Perhaps due to Ultra Street Fighter II’s sales, Capcom looks to be putting in more resources towards Switch. The publisher is now “starting to prepare” multiple Switch-version titles, as relayed by Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal.

Capcom is next bringing Monster Hunter XX to Switch in Japan on August 25. It’s unclear what plans Capcom has beyond this.


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  • theFooFighter

    Monster hunter for f**k sake. Hope that Sony check was good enough to not only drop your biggest fanbase but to flat out skip a platform that was basically made for monster hunter

    • Lance Devon

      Gotta look at the business end. Cap saw a maximum profit opportunity with XX port, with cross platform play with their largest market to date. Hell, even investors responded largely to that move as opposed to World.

      This wasn’t an act of dropping a fanbase, pretty certain when Switch gains an outpacing momentum MH will primarily be supported on it as opposed to the HD Twins. Namely cause the lion’s share of MH market is in Japan, and they spoken Switch.

      • Fore

        Only issue here, as that as of known so far, there’s no MH-XX for the West. Might change very soon, but only Capcom knows about that.

        • Lance Devon

          That’s on us to predict on Capcom. They have neen notorious for keeping quiet about a release externally on every MH since Tri.

          • Fore

            Well, from a business standpoint, I don’t see why not, unless Capcom thinks XX is a threat to Worlds, but then why release both in the place where MH is strongest (Japan)? I honestly have no clue, so I’ll give it a definitive shrug.

          • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

            Probably since XX is unlikely to affect sales of World coming out months later in a strong market

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        • Well…..with Dragon Quest XI heading to the west I wouldn’t say that’s out of the realm of possibility

          • Fore

            Not out of the realm of possibility, but not something I’ll invest any faith in, until it’s 100% confirmed and releasedate set.

    • Wanderlei

      The new casual western MH is gonna flop hard and it cost them way more to produce. Expect MH5 proper on Switch straight after the flop.

  • Fore

    Well there’s something interesting, we may yet see MHXX localized after all. Here’s hoping they’ll give some more info soon.

    • I don’t know if these are exactly related. Especially sine they’re making World for the Western audience, if anything, they’d be smarter to get World on the Switch at some point and just localize it.

      • Fore

        Worlds isn’t made for Western audiences, not as far as of ANY of the footage I’ve seen, or what the developers have said themselves. Worlds is the continuation of MH, the modernization of it, while still keeping the core intact. After having not-advanced for so long, this is the step forward.

        And I don’t see MHW running on a Switch. Myriad of different reasons for it.

        • It definitely is. The initial trailer definitely implied that, and the choice of console (in the West) shows that more. They won’t completely abandon what makes the series of course, but World is different but similar enough with certain elements that imply it is for the West.

          Heh, don’t doubt Capcom. If they think World could make them money on the Switch, they could fold and figure out a way. They may also find a way to get bigger cartridges. (Like how some games on the DS had special cartridges.)

          • Fore

            But if it’s so focused on the West, then why bother selling it in Japan at all? It’s slated for PS4 there, which albeit sells well, doesn’t work well with their on-the-move culture.

            And even if it’s more focused on Western audiences, it’s still a core MH game, and even was to be called MH5, if not for a simple name change:

            Point is, Capcom has no known plans for a MH Switch version that graces us in the West. Probably to sell MHW, but I don’t know. The only thing they’ve bothered with so far, is USF2.

          • If it’s true that Sony paid for some form of (timed) exclusivity, then it makes sense that it’s on the PS4 in Japan. For one thing, no primary MonHun team is ever going to devote home console resources to a game that’s big enough for the West to enjoy, but not include Japan; they’re like Nintendo. They’re still a Japanese company first and foremost, even when catering to the West. And lets not forget, this has a simultaneous, worldwide release. That means a lot for something like MonHun; the West is where they’re catering this to.

            Yes, I’m aware of that. And that’s why I mentioned it would still be MonHun. If they abandon their basic structure and elements, it’s not MonHun anymore. They may as well make a completely new game. But this is something catered to the West so that they can grow the franchise even more and grab the home console audience. Remember, since the Wii, the game has been growing exponentially in the West, but the Sony/Microsoft people have been left out. That wasn’t really an issue in Japan, but in the West, that is a market they can profit off of.

            True, and they won’t for a while. It sounds exactly dumb enough for the higher-ups at Capcom to not want to hurt World’s chances as a Western targeted game; they’re going to get World out, not let it have competition, and then probably consider/allow something else. I don’t think the next, MonHun for Switch will even be announced until World has been out for a month or two.

            I doubt Capcom will completely neglect the Switch. They did quite a bit during the seventh generation, especially for home console (Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Zack & Wiki, Tatsunoko vs Capcom), and with the Switch replicating the Wii’s success and also being the “weaker” console (it is weaker, but they’ll use that as an excuse to make cheaper games), I think it’ll get its own library from them, after the other ports. I personally want them to give us worthwhile games. They’re like SE, in that most of their more recent additions to their series are weaker and/or not as good as the PS3 and older versions. I honestly don’t want their lazy, new crap as it stands, so I hope they port good stuff (DMC collection and the 4 SE for PC, RE 4-6, etc) and then give us some good, unique stuff.

          • Fore

            I’ll put no faith in them, as that’s the amount they inspire in me and deserve from me.

            But then why exclude the Switch in all this, save of course for the obvious limitations? Localizing XX is all it takes to tide Switch users over for a while, even in the West, yet they’re being stupid about it…

            It’s a shame this venerated franchise is in the hands of such people, who spin logical expectations around like a kid in an office chair. I hope the guys from Dauntless will make their game come to Switch, because if they do, then Capcom can go F themselves.

          • Lol, I don’t blame you. I’m at an impasse. I realize that if we really want something worthwhile out of Capcom, it’ll probably mean getting ports/multi-plats of their newer games eventually, but those games aren’t worth the price. I’m sorry, but MvC:I is ugly as. . . explicit stuff, lol. (My poor husband, Dante.) Most of their other recent stuff is also weak, or not bad necessarily but they’re obviously using name brand to make a sell. I don’t want to support that, especially for the chances of *maybe* getting something good.

            Honestly? I can actually, kind of understand not localizing XX. If Nintendo helps fund the localization, I don’t think they should complain. But if not? Well, they’d be localizing for a game that may not hit off as well with the West for a home console version. And if World releases next year, and they announce a Switch version (truly HD, built for the Switch) after that? Heck, may as well make Switch owners thirstier for a superior game. I don’t like it, but I can see that being their logic.

            Yeah, it’s really the sad thing about Capcom. The MonHun and Ace Attorney teams are great, and they mostly can exist without the crap interference of the higher-ups. But it’s starting to hit the MonHun team now, and we’ve seen how that involvement has hurt everything else at Capcom, and how Capcom had been progressively killing its own creativity since the PS2 days. (Inafune was part of that, and even he left eventually, but it’s basically been the same.) PS2/Gamecube and then PS3/Wii were great for them; they made good games that tended to perform well, and fans got good games. They started slipping last gen, and it’s only been consistent since then.

            It’s sad to see companies like SE and Capcom in this state where you’re leery of what they’ll do after how great they used to be. It’s almost like a state of disbelief.

          • Fore

            Gamecube eh?:

            Again, they have a chance, and if they don’t take it, then I duly hope another company does. All Capcom is doing right now, is proving me that they’re not worth my time and money.

            So either they localize XX, hurry the hell up with an announcement of a Switch MH game coming later, or they can go count the few strips of money their little Street Fighter V gamble got them.

          • Hah, yeah, that’s the funny thing with those. We did still get Gotcha Force and MM Network Transmission at least. But I will say, the nice trade off was that even some PS exclusive games went to Gamecube or Wii.

            Again, we’ll have to wait until World releases next year for the announcement of the Switch game.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            I hope they decide to try putting World on Switch and make it cross platform, cause I don’t want to have to get a PS4 just play it. I mean I could play it on my MSI, but…

          • It would definitely be nice. I’m still banking on and hoping for a Switch exclusive MonHun; something built from the ground up for the Switch, and not something that’ll need to be scaled.

          • Fore

            That rumour did go yes, but then it’s just a rumour, and some things have shown not to tick the box.

          • Fore

            “Again, we’ll have to wait until World releases next year for the announcement of the Switch game.” Why would they announce it then? I can see Capcom wait until half/end 2018 to bother with anything. It’s Capcom after all.

          • Because if they announce a game for Switch that’s built for the Switch, even if the MonHun team intends it more for the JP audience, they know they’re going to have to address the Western audience. (I mean, we are talking about XX here now, right?)

          • Fore

            That would be Monster Hunter World though.

            I’m beginning to think that we, the Western Switch owners, are simply a casualty in this and that we’re to cut our losses and buy MHW, or just not have MH to play.

          • What would be World? Not a game built for the Switch for the ground up; because that’s built for PS4/XBO.

            I mean, as far as HD releases, we are a casualty. We are lucky that we’ve been benefiting off the Nintendo side this long, but this is what comes of console wars between the console developers, and exclusivity.

            We’ll see what happens.

          • Fore

            I meant the addressing of said Western audience. That’s MHW.

            But after talking, thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion you can read as latest comment, so I’ll point you there to continue this discussion.

          • XX is a port of a 3DS game. They’re making World. And after World, if they make a ground up Switch game; they cannot ignore the Western audience.

            In the West, we’ve had how many 3DS games? Three, or something? And that’s after the Wii U and Wii game. I can see why they’d be comfortable not throwing the West another weaker HD port, versus waiting and letting the Western-Nintendo audience salivate over a game designed for the Switch that makes more sense to put the work and time to.

            As for your latest comment; that’s what I referenced in a previous comment with you. (Or maybe I talked about it in a comment, but not with you.) I saw that a few days ago from someone I follow on twitter. This is why I said I don’t really want ports of Capcom’s newest games. They’re lazy and/or cash grabs, and I don’t want those dull efforts. I’d rather have ports of their PS3 games and new, unique stuff.

            I didn’t read if that article mentioned it, but the guy I follow said that RE5 & 6 ports actually did better than expected. That, combined with SFII doing waaay better than expected should already be a sign to Capcom.

            XX sold so low for a reason. It’s a rehash of a 3DS game that’s just meant to give cross-play with a home console. But why bother if the game isn’t ground-up HD anyway? It’s 3DS assets on a HD console. Japan is strong on brand name, but they’re not dumb. People support a series gladly, but they have a sense of priority.

            And I guess it helps to clarify; Tse Switch would roll in bank from Japan and the US. MonHun team knows that. They won’t abandon Nintendo, especially after such a healthy working relationship and so much growth. They’ve been vocal about the growth of the series, and especially in the West. They can’t help *everything* the higher-ups decide, but MonHun team has a lot more freedom and not nearly the amount of nonsense that other parts of Capcom do.

            Again, Capcom is like SE. This is isn’t new for some of the bigger, Japanese companies. Like SE, they keep pumping out new games in their time-old, popular series; but they keep putting out what are “crappy” entries that also don’t perform so hot and especially not how they want. (FFXIII and XV being a mess with Type-0 garnering no real acclaim, SFV and RE7 being messes in different ways, etc.) Compare this to how their series used to perform? And on top of this, these titles are their efforts at putting something “graphically amazing” or generically impressive on the Sony home console. Bamco is also tying a fine line, but they get clever and do something brilliant to keep people at mild levels of frustration for them (and more forgiveness).

            The higher-ups at both companies have been in this kind of state for a decade now, at minimum. A decade. It’s going to take more shifts before there will be any real change, but that’s even hoping that people with more common sense take over; these companies aren’t like Nintendo, which the higher-ups are grounded and know to cultivate the young blood. Capcom is going to keep having a hard time with sales, expectations and quality until they get it together; but who knows if they will.

            The fact that SFV came out how it did, even after IV’s on disc DLC fiasco, and that MvC:I is such an ugly looking game and looks worse than their previous entry on the PS3? It’s almost impressive how incompetent they are right now.

          • Fore

            Yet RE7 has been met with critical acclaim and is lauded as near-universally great, so how would MHW fare then, considering that RE is more well known than MHW? The no cross-platform won’t help them.

            Well, I’d rather Dauntless come over to the Switch, and give them money. They’re not on the same level as MH, but are far more willing to talk and listen, so their game could potentially become much better than MH.

            I simply seek clarity, something Capcom hides like a kid hides his candy from a jealous friend.

          • It’s *good*, but even at its release, it had a lot of complaints that it was basically a Saw game with RE branding. And their little throw-away references? Didn’t help. (Also doesn’t help that Chris Redfield is DLC.) The problem with Capcom anymore is that they make a lazy game, or make a good game but rely too hard on name brand. LettingDmC spiral the way they did is a good example of that.

            Resident Evil does have the brand awareness in the West; but MonHun does too. There were Western fans from the PS2 games that have been thirsty (and very salty) for the series to come back to Sony. But a huge part of the audience for the series in the West was built off the Nintendo games, or is very pro/neutral Nintendo anyway. I think the game will do well, but I very highly doubt it’ll meet expectations. Capcom has had an expectations problem since last gen (also not unlike SE).

            That isn’t new with Capcom though, unfortunately. They beat around the bush, they backtrack and do damage control. Given how they run, it’s amazing they’re even around still.

          • Fore

            Well then, I duly hope someone else steps up to the plate (like Dauntless if not those guys) and makes a game that’s better than MH, so Capcom either steps up their game, or falls down the ladder.

            But let’s look at the MHW announcement during E3, XX being known for Japan, and how the Western Nintendo demographic is to feel about it all. I mean, I know very few people who wouldn’t look at Capcom funny for pulling that one.

            But we’ll see. I’ll put my attention on the games that are coming, to those that do support and bring games, even if they’re late ports, even if they’re “but indie games” it’s better then a lot of other attitudes thrown at the Switch and Nintendo in general, even now that the Switch does as well as it does.

            Also just for clarity’s sake, that XX estimate was before the Switch was even released and doing as well as it did. October 28 2016 was when that article was posted. I’m pretty sure Capcom is doing a few Wee-man kicks to their own face now.

          • I don’t know if I see anything better than MH coming around. It has persevered for a reason. Even FF took a hit to its sales with consistent quality issues, so we know brand name can only carry one so far. MonHun team is fine, but it’s the higher-ups at Capcom that need changing.

            Absolutely. It makes sense that we would want XX localized, but it also isn’t implausible that Capcom would pass it up (and for once, I don’t entirely disagree with the sentiment if things go as I assume they might). At the same time, you have to remember; people have been looking at Capcom funny for a long time. And it isn’t exclusive to Nintendo fans.

            Sure. But when they made the estimate doesn’t matter. That says something about their overall mentality. The console’s performance really has no bearing on their expectations, usually. (Hence why so many of them are so off or ridiculous.)

          • Fore

            But as long as those high-ups are still higher-ups, the MonHun team is still at their mercy.

            And why wouldn’t they just go ahead and announce that a Switch MH title, built from the ground-up is in the pipeline? Look at Metroid Prime 4, that’s just the title and yet it got people in an uproar. It’s this silence and annoying “No it’s not coming, BUT HOLD IT, DON’T SHUT THAT DOOR!!!!” attitude that gets me.

            Back when the estimate was made, the Switch wasn’t properly released and people had Wii-U firmly in the back of their mind. Now the Switch is rising, and the Wii-U’s failure is slowly fading from memory, there’s the difference.

          • Somewhat. Earlier I mentioned that MonHun team has more freedom; Capcom generally knows to leave them to their own, same with Ace Attorney. I mean, we have the World situation now, but even that I feel won’t pan out entirely the way the higher-ups probably thought.

            I understand. I do. But if they are being paid for a form regional/paid exclusivity? Even if they weren’t actually; why would they announce the Switch version right off the bat and potentially cannibalize World? Really, what difference does it even make announcing the game now vs later, especially if we won’t get it until later? That attitude only applies to XX; but again. XX is a 3DS game. It isn’t a “Switch” game.

            But that difference is negligible for the people that make those estimates at Capcom. They are known for making estimates and expectations that are off in a special kind of way. DmC way underperformed, RE7 has finally met expectations but months later than they wanted, SFV under-performed, etc. That’s missed expectations for two different generations.

            if we were talking about the general populace or a smart analyst, sure, that would make sense. But Capcom is goofy enough that they might still have bad estimates, even with the console’s success. Then again, XX basically did what the expected, so that’s the real surprise.

          • Fore

            How sad is it, that they’re afraid an uprezzed 3DS port cannibalizes a full new-gen, Western centric, aimed at 3 major platforms Monster Hunter game. I’m just going to say it: that’s pathetic.

            The difference, is that people know something’s coming. So that the Western Nintendo owners don’t feel left out. Every tweet, every e-mail every Facebook message that asks for MH-XX to come West is as a direct result of MHW and that Capcom guy saying “No” outright, even if they jumped in to PR-save their pitiful hide.

          • I don’t mean XX; they don’t want to announce a (native) Switch to cannibalize World. And they won’t waste resources on a game that they can supply better for not long from now.

            It is nice to know it’s coming, but they way gamers are now; I can see people just being impatient because they’ll want constant updates. I think it would be nice of them to announce now, but them not doing so is the least surprising.

            Logic wasn’t a thing for Capcom for a generation now.

          • Fore

            In the face of E3, in the face of MHW, how can you call them impatient? For quite some time now, MH has graced Nintendo’s home-consoles and handhelds to success, even on the “failure” that is Wii-U, and yet this line, which as of right now sits mentally broken, is impatience to you?

            It’s not without reason that they call XX Double Crossed, and that they feel like they’ve been shivved in the back. And I know it came to Sony first, I’ve heard mixed stories about how Nintendo did marketing for Capcom, helped them cultivate in the West and Sony seemingly did nothing/very little, but all that aside it doesn’t feel right from the standpoint that, the market Capcom seeks in the West, is the same one linked up to the Switch with handheld in the East. I called the Switch the ultimate compromise between West and East for that very reason, and that this is personified in a good Monster Hunter. I still stand by that, even if my faith in it has weakened significantly.

            Just by releasing a good MH will they have the sales of the home-console AND handheld people in both West/East the moment Switch reaches a good install-base, which is only a matter of time. Either they recognize this and the 2nd team rumour of working on a Switch only MH is true, or they’re too stupid and ignore the potential before them.

            Considering we’re talking Capcom, I won’t hold my breath, hence my hoping someone else will take their place.

          • I didn’t say anyone was impatient now. I mentioned impatience in regards to a future, possible scenario.

            There are other companies that make these style of games; part of the other problem is how often they also neglect Nintendo and the audience. We’ll see.

          • Fore

            Aye, for we, or in fact others may converse about it as much as we please, if the developer deems it unwise or just not worth their time, the game won’t come out, simple as that. Course that still wouldn’t stop people from getting up in arms, and I’ve sent Capcom and Nintendo the necessary e-mails about this specific subject myself, but that’s all I will and can do.

            I’m just looking forward to Nine Parchments, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and some other games that ARE certain to be coming.

  • fbnaulin

    Well, Capcom should consider: The Disney Afternoon Collection, and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, just to begin growing our confidence again.

    • TheGoomba

      The Afternoon Collection is Disney’s choice, and Disney doesn’t want Nintendo to get those titles again. You can Google an article about it.

      • Hidden Flare

        Actually wasn’t it because the people making it were not aware that people wanted a switch version and that they will make a port in the tuture?

      • Nintendofan4000

        So I googled Disney afternoon collection switch and found absolutely nothing to support this claim. If this reasoning really exists, please reply with it.

      • Zeebor

        Too lazy, citation please.

  • Roto Prime

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!! Let us start with Resident Evil /zero/4 HD!!! Then Street Fighter 3rd Strike, followed by Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 with Samurai Pizza cats and speed racer…… <3

    • Logan Wayman

      Wouldn’t the Switch version of SF3 be called something like 4th Counter or something like that? Otherwise, I agree.

      • Roto Prime

        LOL Street Fighter 3, 4th Counter!! I love it!!!!

    • Zeebor

      Actually, it’s quite fascinating why those guys weren’t in the first one. At the time of development of TvC, Tatsunoko had actually just sold the Speed Racer rights to Warner Bros. Interactive as part of the deal that made the only good Wachowski … Sisters now, right? Movie ever.

      Samurai Pizza Cats only needs a two word explanation though: Haim Saban

      • that’s not fascinating at all

      • Roto Prime

        I learned something today….you lore is deep!!! Thanks <3

  • Lance Devon

    Calling it now: Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Complete No-We’re-Serious-This-time Collector’s Ultra Edition 2: Alpha

  • Kyle K. Moore

    Shout-outs to everyone who took one for the team to buy USFII, you’re true heroes!

    • Everton Toledo de Moraes

      I did not have the courage.

    • jbmindtrick

      You are welcome.

    • Stuart

      Not all heroes wear capes.

      • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

        but all USFII owners are heroes


      Thank you 🙂

    • CilverKid520_Youtube_Twitch

      I would have if I had a Switch

    • Padre

      No problem sir. Best game on the system at the moment. 😉

    • Thanks man….it was kind of easy since I was starving for a good fighter lol

    • this is insanity

  • Michael C

    shipped is not the same as sold….. monster hunter xx is a extended handheld port, so they will release more ports of old games….and small games.

    • Dylan W

      Monster Hunter is no small game, sir. I may not play it but I can acknowledge that the scale of the game is not small like an indie game.

    • Stuart

      Would you ship almost half of a million for a game that is selling,let’s say, 50k? Shipped does not mean sold, but it’s a good indication of how much is selling,and for that number we can see it sold a lot.

    • zelgadis greywords

      From a publisser point of view shippings is the same as selling, because they already have the money.

    • awng782

      Companies wont ship X quantities of something if sell-through is far less than X. Please stop with this this “shipped != sold” BS.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    YES, PLEASE! Its about time thirds start noticing that the switch base is right now a bit different then the regular nintendo fans, people are basically buying anything that comes to the system. Right now people are excited to try even old tittles for the portability, the attach rates are ridiculously high right now. Third parties should take advantage of that while it lasts cause it might change when we start having too many nintendo games.

    • Fore

      I duly hope that third-party interest is beyond just this first start-up. I bet the idea that sustains the “difficulty getting third-party” cycle is Nintendo consoles being bought for Nintendo IP.

      As I’ve said before, I can only hope the new people to pick up a Switch don’t share that mindset.

      • Bruno_Ostara

        I completely agree with you. But I do have some fault in this too, I mainly buy nintendo games, not that i’m not interested in other games, but i don’t usually get invested in games people already played. I really don’t know why but I always feel like wasting time when playing games that have been out for too long. I will try to change that on switch since the portability truly helps me to play more, and the fast OS too. For now I only have I am Setsuna from thirds, but i will get skyrim too (not only because i like the game but i really want bethesda to have good sales so they can get more games on switch, the same for squarenix)

        • Fore

          I don’t believe Bethesda will do much more, contrary to Square Enix, but that’s just my gut feeling. (Square has, albeit a rocky one, a history with Nintendo, whereas I feel Bethesda’s support hinges on Skyrim and that alone)

          As for the Switch, I use it 100% as home-console, but I never knew about Fate/Extella before, and I am now quite pleased to have picked it up and tried it. The game in question would probably have never come to Wii-U, so that’s already a good start honestly.

          All in all, it seems third-parties are getting good sales on Switch, but without solid numbers, that’s but gesture on my part.

          • Bruno_Ostara

            I also don’t think bethesda will bring something else. But well, things can go different if the sales sky rocket and the switch show itself as a solid profit. It is a company after all

          • Fore

            True, but beyond sales there’s all the other things to consider: Demographic, technical limitations etc.

          • JJ

            That would be too bad because Fallout 4 (or even 3 would fill a big gap in the titles currently missing from Switch (FPS, and mature games).

  • Fecz

    Capcom should port dreamcast games to the switch, that would be a super hit!

    • JJ

      That would actually be really cool.

  • Yeah I bet….. this is the same company that didn’t give Switch owners compilations of games from over a decade ago (Disney Afternoon, Mega Man Legacy 1 and 2) or not localizing XX.

  • Stuart

    They didn’t even NEED numbers to prove, even a four years old could see that not launching Disney Afternoon, Megaman Collection 2 and Monster Hunter World (And no word on XX for the west) for Switch is a really bad decision. For crying out loud, I don’t even doubt that Marvel Vs Capcom could sold better on Switch than on Xone.

  • Exy

    Well that sure is nice of them to hand out their Switch versions 18 months or so from now.

  • Felipe M.

    Not going to get myself hyped up and then to be disappointed.

  • ArtBats

    Still holding out a slim hope for Great Ace Attorney localization, even though the Switch isn’t dual-screen.

    • Reggie

      That didn’t stop them from porting AJ:AA to smart phones.

  • AquaBat

    L A T E P O R T S


    • Tlink7


  • Pixel Power

    all I’m sayin is: Nintendo did finetune the switch’s hardware to RE engine. RE7. mayyyybe.

  • Leonel

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the resident evil and zero come to the switch. Probably RE4 as well but can’t wait to see what’s in store for the switch

  • Reggie

    Good. Ultra SF II may not have been that great, but I’m glad it was successful enough to keep Capcom on board. That’s what matters.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      I still think they should look into the viability of Monster Hunter World on Switch… It’ll probably never happen, but it would be nice to know if the effort would be worth it or not.

      • Fore

        They’ll probably have thought about it, but since it was already in full swing before the Switch was even a thing, and is really propelling the franchise forward in terms of tech, well, we all know the Switch doesn’t stand at the front in that regard.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I highly doubt they would have to cut back the game’s mechanics at all to put it on the Switch. The major changes would be graphical but I bet particles effects could be changed to models with textures that give the same or similar effect.

          Putting World on the Switch would be difficult graphically, but I highly doubt it would be impossible.

          • Fore

            I remember them saying they wanted to advance the franchise forward, and needed stronger tech to do so. Any myriad of different reasons for this, Switch not strong enough, doesn’t have the right specs, can’t drowngrade it etc, it’s simply not a fit and won’t happen.

          • R.Z.

            I second that.
            Despite all the big talk MH World really isn’t all that crazy, it still operates with areas even though the transitions are now seamless and all the interactions with the environment are still as stiff and scripted as ever.
            All it would take to run on Switch is some slight uglyfying, the guts of the game are nothing that couldn’t run on last gen hardware.

      • Reggie


        This is Capcom, remember.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I do.

  • AJK

    Portable resident evil 7 please

    • bigevilworldwide

      You mean portable RE6…..Since the rocket geniuses didn’t support RE7 and it flopped now Capcom knows to go back to the more action oriented RE titles….

      • AJK

        That would be really sad. Resi 7 is such a great game.

  • masterjedi

    As for 3rd parties, they’ve just got to understand that when they release games on a Nintendo console, they are competing with Nintendo IPs. If their games are not of high quality, Nintendo fans are not going to buy them because we are accustomed to the high quality of Nintendo’s games. If a 3rd party publisher wants to experience good sales on a Nintendo platform, they’re going to have to put out quality software that plays well and doesn’t require tons of updates and patches to run properly.
    Also, if they need to realize that they’re probably never going to have GTA V type sales on their games on Nintendo platforms because the competition from Nintendo themselves is simply too much to overcome. If you disagree, just look at 3rd party sales on the Gamecube and the Wii. There’s like 9 games from 3rd parties on the Gamecube that were million plus sellers and nearly 20 games from 3rd parties on Wii that were million plus sellers so good 3rd party games clearly sell on Nintendo platforms.
    However, if you look at a game like Resident Evil 4, which was critically acclaimed, receiving some of the highest scores from industry reviewers and is one of the most popular games in the franchise, the PS2 version outsold both the Gamecube and the Wii versions. This is not an indictment of the Gamecube and Wii versions although many people would try to paint that picture. The PS2 version outsold the Gamecube version by about 600,000 units (1.6 mil for Gamecube to 2.2 mil for PS2) and and it outsold the Wii version by about 300,000 units (1.9 mil for Wii to 2.2 mil for PS2.) That doesn’t mean that 1.6 million sales for Gamecube and 1.9 million sales for Wii are failures though which is the attitude that 3rd party developers seem to have.
    You see, there are 22 Nintendo games on the Wii that sold more than Resident Evil 4 including Wii Music (over 3 million), Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (over 3.5 million), and Link’s Crossbow Training (over 5.5 million). Over on Gamecube, there are 9 Nintendo games that sold better than Resident Evil 4 including Mario party 7 (over 1.8 million) and Metroid Prime (over 2.5 million). So a critically acclaimed game like Resident Evil 4 was not able to outsell Nintendo IPs even though it was a good game. 3rd parties cannot be discouraged by this. Instead they must admit to themselves that a game like Resident Evil 4 earning a combined 3 million plus sales across two Nintendo platforms is indeed a success.

  • masterjedi

    I still don’t buy the idea that Capcom was waiting to see how Stree Fighter sold to determine whether or not they were going to support the Switch. I do not believe they were basing their planned support of a brand new platform on the sales of a 20 year old game.

    I think MH World was in development long before Capcom got a Switch dev kit and that’s the reason we do not see that game on Switch. As for MH XX, that game is tailor made for Japan where Monster Hunter is the strongest so it makes sense to me that they would release it on Switch in Japan. MH World is a different style of game that looks to appeal more to the western audience so again, it makes sense to me that XX is not coming to the US at this time. I could see Capcom basing the decision to bring XX to the US on how many people in the US download the game from the Japanese e-shop since the Switch is region free now.

    • Fore

      MH XX is pretty much like Generations and the previous MH’s which also came West so, eh.

      Also, I can’t fathom how people STILL think this: “MH World is a different style of game that looks to appeal more to the western audience” No it isn’t, they’ve said so themselves and it shows, stop throwing BS around.

      • masterjedi

        Pretty sure World has a very heavy solo dynamic to it where players can navigate levels alone and take down monsters alone or invite other players to join their hunt using the drop in multiplayer mechanic while XX is a very traditional group play style where you form a group and go hunt monsters. I’m no expert on the franchise, but the solo action style in World is a pretty big departure from the experience most fans are used to.

        • Fore

          We’ll see when they show MP footage, though you’re right in that they’ve only shown single-player so far. Again though, they’ve said it’d be the core MH experience, and multiplayer is very much a part of that.

          • masterjedi

            I agree on that point. And like I said, I’m no expert on the franchise but from the trailer I saw there are some very western influences in that single player mode like the rapid fire weapons. Hopefully MH fans are happy with the end product.

          • Fore

            If they say so, then that’s the case or they’re lying. The first would be great, the 2nd a problem. We shall see.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          My sir, I hate to burst your bubble, but after playing from 3 Ultimate to Generations. I have to say, World having a heavy solo dynamic is BS. All of them have had a solo dynamic, but the true fun of the game is going on hunts with friends.

          • masterjedi

            We’ll have to see. All the articles I’ve read have said Worlds looks fairly different from traditional MH games. I admit I haven’t read everything about the game because I am not a MH fan. So I could absolutely be wrong as Fore already pointed out.

  • Padre

    Nice announcement! Love it!
    USF2 is an awesome game too, the netcode could be better, but when it works, its really fun.
    Now more Capcom stuff on way, good news for Switch from every angle.

  • List of Capcom titles and multiplats that should come to the Switch……

    Monster Hunter World (probably won’t because of the alleged Sony buyout)
    Monster Hunter XX (western localization)
    Resident Evil 7
    Resident Evil 4 HD Switch Edition
    Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
    Dead Rising Trilogy (Microsoft’s timed DR3 exclusivity deal ending soon)
    Rival Schools United By Fate Remastered

    • That is the list I want to see on the Switch

      • It needs to happen. The Switch is riding on so much momentum right now this will be the perfect time for 3rd parties to ride that wave

        • Yeah the problem here is the outstock issues….if we have more Switch out there Capcom and other devs will have more chances to sell their games. Numbers matters. Hope Nintendo isn’t playing safe for not make more Switch.

          • True but with the holidays coming up I can’t see Nintendo having stock issues or holding back shipments. It would be crazy if they did so, especially with an upcoming sales juggernaut like Super Mario Odyssey coming near the holidays. Nintendo is saying they plan to ship 10 million Switch units by the year’s end and with the hype surrounding the system along with SMO

    • awng782

      “Dead Rising Trilogy (Microsoft’s timed DR3 exclusivity deal ending soon)”

      DR4 was a Microsoft platform (XBO and Windows 10) exclusive.

  • Pachirisu

    i wouldn’t mind an re 5, 7, and 7 port
    only mainline re games not available on a nintendo system

    • bigevilworldwide

      RE6 isn’t available on a Nintendo system…..Luckily you people that felt the need to ignore RE7 helping it flop have helped Capcom to realize they need to go back to the RE4-6 type of game

  • Dayph

    Starting?! On Switch? Now?! Really?!

  • LarryBundyJr

    In other words… We’re re-releasing Resident Evil 4 YET AGAIN!!!

    But now with Violent Leon Kennedy 😀

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Now here’s a face I never expected to see on Nintendo Everything. o.o

    • bigevilworldwide

      4…You can probably expect RE4-RE6 maybe ReMake and Zero. And if they’re anything like Ultra SFII you can expect them to be $40 bucks instead of $19.99, since people felt the need to buy a $40 port of a SF game for Violent Ken that was already $10 or less on almost every other platform

  • awng782

    BTW Capcom forecasts that they want to sell 2 million copies of REVII this fiscal year (April 2017 – March 2018). In the last 3 months (aka the first quarter of their fiscal year), they have sold 200,000 copies of REVII.

    This means Capcom has only achieved 10% of their REVII sales forecasts for this year thus far. So either:
    1) Capcom is terrible at making sales forecasts (i.e. SFV, Dead Rising 4)
    2) Capcom is launching a Nintendo Switch version of the REVII, which will almost certainly get them to their sales target

    • bigevilworldwide

      LMFAO there is no universe where a Switch version gets them to 2 million copies…Children don’t get M rated games, and only the truly brain dead would pay $60 for RE7 again after they already bought either the definitive version on PS4, the PC version that still doesn’t support VR or the piss poor X1 version that doesn’t support anything…The game was made for VR a Switch version would be pointless and stupid…

      • awng782

        LOL I doubt a Switch version would ever happen either, but that’s the only way Capcom’s 2 million sales forecast for REVII this fiscal year would even make sense.

        Since Capcom is pretty terrible at making sales forecasts, I’m going to assume REVII on Switch isn’t happening, at least anytime soon.

  • JJ

    Disney Afternoon Collection would be appreciated as well as Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and if you can Resident Evil 7, please..!

  • Jesiah Grant

    Not even sure I want XX any more…The longer the west go without any information the more I stop caring about a HD 3DS port and more about wondering if Worlds will come to switch…

  • Jon Turner

    See? I knew Capcom was working on Switch projects.

  • Zeebor

    Mega Man Vol 2, Marvel 3 (god, I wish) … I can’t think of anything else.

  • It was interesting to see how many of their games didn’t hit their expectations. Which isn’t surprising, given how unrealistic their expectations are; but it’s also cool to see a situation like this where a game exceeds it and means more support for a console.

    I wonder if the higher-ups will at some point regret their decision on making the MonHun team stick to PS4/XBO for World and get it ported eventually.

    I’m more so hoping for games like their Wii titles (give us another Tatsunoko like game!), and some good ports.

  • Snackster1001

    Just gonna spitball some ideas for you capcom:

    BOTH megaman legacy collections
    Disney Afternoon Collection
    That Street fighter anniversary collection for Ps4/XOne (it has 3rd strike!)
    LOCALIZE Monster Hunter XX
    …..Marvel vs. Capcom infinite (I’m not looking forward to it, but portability would make the bad graphics more tolerable. Plus I’m a sucker to beat people up with spider-man)
    MARVEL VS CAPCOM HD TRILOGY (all 3 games with no lag at 60fps on a portable console would be a dream come true)

  • nemo37

    Knowing Capcom’s track record I am not really expecting much. In fact, I just came across this little leak today (source: where is appears Capcom is preparing a Street Fighter Collection that includes SFII and SFIII for XOne and PS4 at the same price that we paid for SFII. So far Capcom’s treatment of Switch players appears to follow a pattern of throwing us a bone (port of MHXX, releasing SFII) followed by kicking us in the groin (MHW not coming to Switch, releasing a better SF collection on other systems with the base game that we got and another game for the same price).

    • R.Z.

      So if this is true then Capcom basically made a “Mass Effect 3 for WiiU” only without the stupid parts of sabotaging its sales before release or a relatively high production value but with all the insulting implications retained.

      • nemo37

        That is a good way of looking at it.

  • R.Z.

    I’m not sure what to make of it.
    Switch-version titles would basically mean ports, yeah ?

    That SFII thing was such a minimal effort and it got rewarded with decent sales so I’m afraid they will just try to milk Switch owners wanting some non-Nintendo stuff with lazy overpriced ports.

    I hope they also already have some unannounced games stewing for Switch that are not covered by this statement, otherwise let’s not expect anything really interesting from them before at least two years.

    • Fore

      Expect the worst, and I’d like to say hope for the best, but this is Capcom, and the Capcom 5 is still fresh in my memory, so I’ll keep it at expect the worst. At worst, you’ll be right, at best, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Fore

    Here’s something interesting to note: I wonder what Capcom will do, should this continue and possibly escalate to other franchises of theirs.