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3DS eShop

Update: Bumped to the top. Added in Sunday’s updates.

Nintendo Badge Arcade has been receiving daily updates since heading to the 3DS eShop. Because it’s continually updated with content, we’re rounding up all of the additions and changes in a weekly post.

Here’s what’s on tap for the week of November 28:

November 28

– 30 Pokemon panels (8 with 1 day left)
– 1 free play

Several new games out came out this week on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. If you’re interested in checking out what’s new in screenshot form, take a look at the gallery below.

Moragami, a game developer from Hungary, is giving the toys-to-life experience a shot. Currently in development for the 3DS eShop and other platforms (including Switch potentially) is Inchvilles.

Inchvilles is an upcoming 3D action platformer that has players collecting all golden gems in various stages. Players can design in-game characters with an editor, and then order a real life, 3D-printed version for a small fee that will be delivered within ten days. While NFC isn’t involved, the figures can be scanned into the game. We’re waiting on further information about how the figures interact at the moment. That being said, we do know that they can be scanned to you or your friend’s game to share them.

Capcom UK shared a new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice developer interview today. Veterans Takeshi Yamazaki and Motohide Eshiro talk a bit about some of the new features, favorite characters, and more. Watch the full video below.

A few days ago, we heard from The Game Awards 2016 host Geoff Keighley that a special sale was planned for the event. Unfortunately though, there’s nothing new.

Nintendo’s website now shows The Game Awards “sale”. However, as you’ll quickly notice, it’s just piggybacking off of the new Cyber Deals that began last month. A bit disappointing to say the least!


Tank Troopers, a new digital title for 3DS, was announced during the September Nintendo Direct. We now have word that Nintendo will publish the game in Japan on December 21. Retailer Rakuten lists the date, along with an 800 yen price point.

According to Nintendo, Tank Troopers “lets players customize their tank through special characteristics of tank-pilot Troopers, enabling abilities such as hitting enemies with a freeze attack, launching paint balls to block the opponents’ views or using electric shocks to stall rival tanks where they stand.” A six-person multiplayer mode is included plus Download Play.

A specific western release date for Tank Troopers has not yet been announced, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it in North America and Europe this month as well.


Aside from today’s new 3DS theme and orchestra videos, My Nintendo has also added in discounts for a pair of Zelda titles. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Wii U / New 3DS and Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii U are 30 percent off.

A Link to the Past will set you back 240 Platinum Points. Meanwhile, Skyward Sword is 50 Gold Points. Both will last until March 2.

Nintendo released a new video today showcasing a few European digital game highlights from November 2016. You can watch it below.

3DS eShop charts (11/30/16)

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This week’s 3DS eShop charts are as follows:


1. Pokemon Sun
2. Pokemon Moon
3. The Legend of Zelda
4. Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
5. Pokemon Yellow
6. Mega Man Legacy Collection
7. Fire Emblem Awakening
8. Dragon Ball Fusions
9. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2
10. Mario Kart 7
11. Super Mario World
12. Monster Hunter Generations
13. Kirby Fighters Deluxe
14. Super Mario Bros. 3
15. Pokemon Red
16. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
17. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
18. Pokemon Blue
19. Zelda: A Link to the Past
20. Hyrule Warriors Legends


1. Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo Version Video
2. Super Mario Maker for 3DS Overview Trailer
3. Starter Pokemon Z-Moves in Pokemon Sun/Moon
4. Dragon Ball Fusions
5. Pokemon Sun/Moon – Go Beyond: Partner Pokemon
6. Pokemon Sun/Moon – Go Beyond: Legendary Pokemon
7. First look at Nintendo’s new home gaming system
8. Super Mario Maker for 3DS – Play everywhere
9. Nikki’s Tour of Swapdoodle
10. Our Adventure Begins in the Alola Regions – Pokemon Sun/Moon
11. Evolved Forms Starter Pokemon – Pokemon Sun/Moon
12. Version-exclusive Pokemon – Pokemon Sun/Moon
13. Mario Party: Star Rush E3 2016 Trailer
14. Pokemon Bank Trailer
15. Pokemon Yellow Trailer
16. Harvest Moon: Skytree Village Launch Trailer
17. Super Mario World Trailer
18. Kirby Fighters Deluxe Trailer
19. Pokemon Rumble World Trailer
20. More Ultra Beasts Debut – Pokemon Sun/Moon

Source: 3DS eShop

Vblank Entertainment created a new trailer for Shakedown: Hawaii, a follow-up to the indie game Retro City Rampage scheduled for 2017. Watch it below.

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