Discussing Everything update and Mighty Gunvolt giveaway winner

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By (@NE_Brian)

I’ve been taking a look at the feedback you guys left in last week’s Discussing Everything announcement post. After going through the different comments, it seemed like choosing Saturday/Sunday for the live chat would be best option.

And so we’ll be kicking off the first Discussing Everything this coming Sunday at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT. By doing so, we’re hoping to accommodate people in the most relevant timezones while fitting the feature into my own schedule. I’m actually thinking of going with Saturdays (at the same time) more often than not, but I do want to see if a Sunday afternoon will work well. I’ll be sure to provide an update each week in any case!

As for how Discussing Everything will play out: this will be your opportunity to interact with the staff (myself, Austin, etc.) and (potentially) other readers on the site. You’ll be able to ask us any question/comment on anything that’s on your mind – be it Nintendo-related, gaming in general, or something else entirely. You’ll be able to submit questions/comments in real time as we’re discussing various topics (like recent news). We decided to implement things this way simply because a regular chat could become chaotic with comments flooding in, and we’re aiming for something a bit more organized. We may, however, add a secondary chat option or change the format entirely in the future depending on feedback.

Also, I do want to mention that you will not need to register for any sort of account to participate in Discussing Everything.

Still confused? Just show up next week! In the end, this is simply an opportunity to hold a live chat of sorts with you guys. I do seriously hope that some of you will join us as I’m looking forward to upcoming discussions and being able to chat with you directly. It should be a fun time!

One last piece of business to take care of. It’s time to announce the winner of our Mighty Gunvolt giveaway! We asked you guys to leave a comment in our Discussing Everything post, and after choosing a random entry, the lucky winner is Za23. We will be in touch shortly with the code. Thanks to all who participated!


[Interview] Curve Studios discusses Stealth Inc 2’s home on Wii U, potential future for Fluidity, and more

stealth-inc-2-a-game-of-clones-release-date-announ_d17y Posted 2 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Stealth Inc seemed like the furthest thing from a Wii U eShop release when it came out in 2013. The PlayStation versions came and went, and there was no word on a release for Nintendo’s console.

Still, when time for planning a sequel came around, something within Curve Studios clicked. This led to the company announcing Stealth Inc 2 as a Wii U exclusive – at least for the time being – back in May, which surprised quite a number of folks. For Wii U owners though, it’s great news.

We sat down via email (wait a second…) with Rob Clarke from Curve Studios to ask about Stealth Inc 2, working on Wii U, and the company’s other beloved gaming baby Fluidity. I think you’ll enjoy much of what they have to say:



[Review] Teslagrad (Wii U eShop)

teslagradlogo Posted 2 days ago
By (@)

System: Nintendo Wii U
Release Date: September 11th, 2014
Developer: Rain Games
Publisher: Rain Games

Author: Vincent

“Magnetizing and satisfying”

In a market filled to the brim with 2D platformers, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd; it seems as if, unless your character is sporting some overly familiar overalls and a fancy brown mustache, you’ll never be noticed. Those odds didn’t stop newly-made studio Rain Games from taking a shot in the dark with Teslagrad, a platformer that uses unique storytelling and gameplay to rise above the rest. But does this all blend together to create an experience worth checking out, or is it better left alone?

As soon as you start up the game, you’re presented with the opening menu showing the main character’s father carrying a baby walking through a dark town. Once you hit Start Game, it makes the seamless transition into gameplay where he hands off the baby to the mother. Time goes by and the town you live in becomes overrun, forcing your mother to let you out the back door as you take control over the now grown up young boy. You run through the town amidst a rainstorm as soldiers chase you down, and you climb atop buildings and through alleyways to escape, all leading up to the young protagonist taking shelter in an abandoned tower, which he then discovers has more than meets the eye.

Now, this isn’t all spoon-fed to you with numerous boxes of texts or someone yelling in your ear telling you what the soldiers names are. The game instead chose to feature no text or full on voice acting throughout the five hour adventure. All you have is the ambient soundtrack and character grunts to accompany you throughout your journey as you have the world around you unfold and tell the story little by little.



New live chat feature and giveaways

Mighty Gunvolt Posted 1 week ago
By (@NE_Brian)

If you’ve been visiting Nintendo Everything for a long time, you may have heard about something called “Game Nights”. Each week, we hosted game events where the community and members of the staff could gather/play various titles online together.

Things just never worked out with Game Nights the way we originally intended though. Organizing people into groups was never easy. Visitors showing up at the last minute or halfway through the event also became troublesome. It was sometimes difficult for people to be interested in just one game as well. The feature just isn’t at a place where it can run smoothly at present!

Having said that, one element I greatly enjoyed about Game Nights was being able to interact directly with you guys. The discussions and comradery were two things I really looked forward to! And now we’re hoping to bring that back… but in a different form.

That’s where “Discussing Everything” comes in. What is this exactly? To put it simply, each week we plan on hosting a live chat directly on the site. You guys will be able to interact with us (and maybe each other – more on that in the future) in various discussions – be it news, a featured topic, or questions you have for us. I’ll be there every week, and other staffers like Austin will be around regularly as well. It’s really something that we’re leaving open-ended. Once we kick off the first Discussing Everything – which we hope to do soon – all will become clearer. One thing I can say is that I’m absolutely committed to making this a long-term feature on the site, and it will hopefully evolve as time goes on.

Before we get started, we would greatly appreciate input from you all. Which day of the week would work best for you guys? Do you have a particular time preference (please specify timezone as well)? Discussing Everything will probably be an hour each week depending on how things go, so keep that in mind! We want to try and come up with a day/time that will work best for most people.

That’s all on Discussing Everything for now. I do hope that some of you will end up joining us for some of these chats. And if you are interested, please leave a comment below or send us an email about which day/time would be best for you. All input will be considered, and we’ll hopefully have an update to share next week.

Now for some other quick news! Right here on the site, we have one North American code to hand out for Mighty Gunvolt. Simply leave a comment below (brownie points for those of you who give us input on Discussing Everything!) and we’ll choose a random winner in a week’s time. There are also two Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes (North America) up for grabs on our Twitter account – check out this message. We often hold giveaways on Twitter as opposed to the main site, so make sure to follow us now and in the future!