[Weekly Screenshot] Art of Balance Wii U #2 – Marvelous Menu Screens

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Hey all, it’s Brian and Austin from Nintendo Everything here to re-welcome Manfred from Shin’en back with yet another screenshot from the upcoming Wii U release of Art of Balance! He’s got plenty to say about what graphical details they’re implementing for the menus in the game, so revel in the relaxing room where you select your levels and read up about how it came to be below! Unless you’d rather simply revel at the picture. That’s okay too.

Hi guys, it’s Manfred from Shin’en again with another fresh shot from Art of Balance Wii U. This time we’ll show you one of the the level selection screens.

When developing the original game on Wii, we realized that a simple 2D grid would be good enough for a level select menu, but that in itself was too boring. So we came up with the idea of stacked boxes in a lush 3D environment. We think coming back to the this beautiful menu gives players a nice break after solving a level. On Wii U, we had tons of performance to waste on this screen so we implemented quite a number of effects.



Here’s a Podcast – Episode 89!

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ON THIS EPISODE: Video games are stupid, so we kick things off by discussing a book called “Earthbound” by Ken Baumann! Both Jack and Austin read it and found it enjoyable, if a little rough in spots. Laura runs through her thoughts on the well-loved Disney Magical World for 3DS, Jack brings in impressions of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition, and Austin says he thinks Conception II is pretty terrible!

PLUS: Our middle segment is taken up by a discussion of Tomodachi Life, including our thoughts, what we’re looking forward to, and what we’re a bit nervous about.

AND: Listener mail has us answering questions about what quirky JRPGs people should play and whether using restore points on Virtual Console games soils the experience.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Austin, Jack, and Laura

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[Developer Musings] ‘A Flawed Paradise’: Three devs weigh in on the good and bad of Nintendo’s eShops

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We’ve brought in three more developers for the next entry in our new feature series, “Developer Musings”. This week, we have a few words from Ripstone (Knytt Undergroud, Pure Chess), Image & Form (Steamworld series), and Two Tribes (Toki Tori 2, EDGE) as they share some thoughts about the eShops. Head past the break for their comments.

Unsure as to what Developer Musings is about? Check out our first entry here for an explanation.



[Interview] Ronimo talks Swords & Soldiers II, Kickstarter, Awesomenauts, and more

swords_soldiers_2 Posted 2 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo Everything recently caught up with Ronimo’s Jasper Koning via email. Of course, we asked several questions about the studio’s recently-announced Wii U exclusive Swords & Soldiers II. Koning also commented on whether Ronimo considered going the Kickstarter route with its game, the possibility of Awesomenauts on Wii U, future support for the system, and more.

You can find our full interview with Ronimo after the break!



[Weekly Screenshot] Art of Balance Wii U #1

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Nintendo Everything is introducing another new developer-centric feature called “Weekly Screenshot”. Each week, developers will share new photos from their games and talk a bit about what’s going on in the image, how it was made, or what it means for the experience of playing. You know how Masahiro Sakurai shares new screenshots from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS every weekday? Our feature is similar, though again, new images will only appear each week.

Art of Balance developer Shin’en is kicking things off with weekly looks at their title, which is coming out on the Wii U eShop in the near future. The studio will share one new image each Tuesday and intends to briefly discuss some of the tech being used.

In any case, on with the screenshot!

Hi guys, it’s Manfred from Shin’en. First of all, thanks to Brian for the opportunity to show our fans on Nintendo Everything some images of our soon to be released Wii U eShop game “Art of Balance”. The “Art of Balance” series is known on Wii and 3DS for its perfect gameplay. For the Wii U version, we wanted to create more then just an HD update. So we added new local and online mutliplayer modes, along with a complete new look for the game that makes the Wii U really shine. 200 levels from the Wii and 3DS version are included, but now you can even play them with your family, friends, and even online.

Each week, we will present a new shot and will talk a bit about the game and tech we’re using.

Above you can find the first shot featuring the hub for the eight worlds you can play. We used high dynamic range rendering– which gives us those nice sun sparkles on the ocean– and the ocean uses a dynamic wave simulation. Soft shadows are also used to connect everything, and if you look closely you can even see real-time reflections. Volumetric sun rays have been implemented to give an extra touch of softness.

That’s all for today. See you next week!

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