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Podcast Crew: Austin (Twitter), Jack (Twitter), Laura (Twitter)

Hello everyone! This is Satoru Iwata from Nintendo here to present to you Here’s a Podcast – Episode 112. As usual, this is an enhanced podcast, which means that– if your player supports it– you can skip chapters and look at images we reference right on your listening device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Speaking of smartphones and tablets, I’d like to speak a little bit about a new partnership we’re forming with DeNa. Here are today’s podcast chapters:


1. Intros, what to expect, and other things
2. GAME OF THE WEEK – Kirby’s Adventure

What we played

3. Jack and Austin’s bad fur day. (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)
4. Vacation slides with Laura.
5. Austin learns to love. (Sin & Punishment: Star Successor)
6. Jack finally digs into a new game. (Shovel Knight)
7. Title screen songs, and some other things. (Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy+)

Shenanigans Redux

8. Earthbound farms endorsement.
9. Site Features.
10. Ace Combat Music Break
11. Book club begging.

Listener Mail

12. Does Mario Maker spell the end of NSMB? What’s the future of 2D Mario?
13. What do you think about Donkey Kong Country?
14. Games that surprised us with how good they were.
15. Game endings, and other ramblings.
16. Our Kirby recommendations.
17. Do we want a stylus-controlled Zelda on Wii U?

Final Shenanigans

18. Kirby’s Adventure Quiz!

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This was an interesting Just a Chat. I was feeling completely out of it during the talk, and we had a few technical issues. But the Nintendo news discussion went on!

This week’s topics include the sad cancellation of Keiji Inafune’s Kaio: King of Pirates, a big upcoming Level-5 event, impressive Nintendo sales, and “controversy” surrounding Xenoblade Chronicles X’s music.

Listen to this week’s discussion below!

Author: Jonathan

When you look at it on paper, pretty much nothing about Monster Hunter seems appealing. Players need to work with a ferociously unforgiving learning curve, an emphasis on an end-game that can take literally dozens of hours to reach and a clunky or sometimes downright unfair combat system. It just doesn’t add up. I’ve tried several times over the years to get into the Monster Hunter titles and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the first time the series really got its hooks in me. For the first time I ‘got’ it, and I began to appreciate the game for the journey it would eventually take me on. It’s a brutal, long, often frustrating adventure, so I wanted to explain why all of the things that are seemingly “wrong” with Monster Hunter make it so great, and why we fans are okay with that label of being just a little bit crazy.

KnapNok Games is back with yet another image from Affordable Space Adventures. Today the studio has shared an overview of how the GamePad comes into play. For KnapNok’s official description, read on below.

This picture shows the importance of the Wii U GamePad in Affordable Space Adventures.
Thanks to the touchscreen of the GamePad we’re able to create a custom-made controller for the SmallCraft players control in the game.

In this case, the ship is using the fuel engine, with the sticky landing gear on so that it can carry the box around the level and solve the puzzles in order to continue. If playing co-op, one of the players will be the Engineer, exclusively in control of all the ship’s systems via the GamePad. When the game starts, the ship is almost broken and with little functionality. But as the game progresses, all the different parts of the ship gradually repair themselves, giving the Engineer a wide range of options to help the pilot maneuver the ship. By the time all the settings are unlocked, players will most definitely feel like they are in control of a super complex spaceship!

Affordable Space Adventures is launching in just under a month. The game is due out on April 9!

[Review] 3D Out Run

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System: Nintendo 3DS eShop
Release Date: March 12, 2015
Developer: Sega AM2/M2
Publisher: Sega

Author: Patrick

When Sega announced their line of remastered “Classics” for the 3DS, the one I was really holding out for was Out Run. Being born in an era where arcades barely mattered, I’d only had a single chance to play the original arcade cabinet so my familiarity with the game mostly came from the fact that it has already been ported to just about every console in existence. While most of these ports captured the game’s relaxed feel and addictive gameplay, they did vary wildly in quality so I was curious to see how well this 3DS version stacked up. Is it faithful to Yu Suzuki’s original classic?

Well yeah, of course. The emulation experts at M2 always go to crazy lengths to get the small details accurate as possible while throwing in heaps of extra content and hidden bonuses. What really surprised me was how well Out Run holds up in the year 2015.

Podcast Crew: Austin (Twitter), Jack (Twitter), Laura (Twitter)

We’ve finally upgraded to enhanced podcasts! Whenever we reference an image during the show, look at your podcast application and it should display the image we’re talking about if it supports the AAC version of the show. You can also head over to to view the gallery there if you prefer.

Welcome to episode 106 I mean episode 111. How are you? I’m okay. I hope you’re okay too. Here’s an overview of what we’ll be talking about on this episode:

Have you always wondered what people loved about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? One of the things is how the game structures its quests, and that topic is the one we’ll focus on during our book club segment this week. If you have thoughts on this topic, or A Link to the Past in general, send them our way!(nintendoeverythingpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com)


1. Game of the Week (Yoshi)
2. The History of Star Fox’s Voice Acting (Star Fox series)
3. Malaura’s Mask Continues (Majora’s Mask)
4. Crunchier Cereal for All (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)
5. Laura fits one more game in (Wii Fit U)
6. Jack finds puzzle love (Picross e5)
7. Rekindling an old love (Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon)
8. You’ve never heard of SWERY? (D4)
9. Site features!
10. A Link to the Past Book Club – Week 5
11. D4 Music Break
12. Year of the Saxophone
13. Listener Mail – Start
14. Is Phoenix Wright fun? Of course!
15. It was bound to happen eventually.
16. Do we like Sin & Punishment? Will it ever get another sequel?
17. Trading games for things.
18. Yoshi Quiz Show!

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Ah, is it Monday again? Well alright, I can deal with that, but only because our game of the month this March is so wonderful. I bring you: Monster Hunter March! A whole month of features dedicated to talking about Capcom’s latest series entry, the series as a whole, and plenty more. You’re bound to learn something new about it over the next few weeks as our writers provide varying perspectives and observations about the game.

This month’s articles will include an in-depth comparison between Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS and Monster Hunter Tri on Wii, a perspective on the game from “a super beginner”, a look at how Monster Hunter 4 creates fanaticism despite how intimidating and broken it can look from the outside, and an adorable exposé on your Palico sidekicks from the latest entry on 3DS. Look forward to all of it!

As usual, if you have an article you’d like to write about Monster Hunter this month, please use the contact form to send us an email with your idea and if we like we’ll get back to you. How can you not love this game? It’s the best.


Daan (who was kind enough to join me once again!) and I talk about a few pieces of Nintendo news from this past week, including some new eShop games, Xenoblade Chronicles X Battle Presentation, Rodea’s Wii bonus, and amiibo.

As a small treat, we’ve left in my initially-botched intro. That was embarrassing!

And please do let us know if you want to see more of these weekly Just a Chats! Your comments will help us decide whether or not to continue with them in the future.

KnapNok Games is back with the second entry in our Weekly Screenshot feature for Affordable Space Adventures. Following last week’s loading screen, we’re now focusing on the game’s variety of environments.

Here’s the image description from KnapNok:

Not everything in space has to be dark and gloomy. In Affordable Space Adventures players will also get to visit some truly wonderful landscapes. We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that each area of the game feels clearly distinguishable from each other. The feeling of constantly exploring new areas will definitely be there throughout the entire adventure!

By the way, did you hear that Affordable Space Adventures now has a release date? The game launches on April 9!

With the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, it makes me wonder: will we ever get a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda? Where did the story truly begin for our beloved Zelda and green clad hero Link? Some say although A Link to the Past was not the first in the series, it is where the story should have began. If that is your belief you might feel we already saw that remake with the previous installment in the Zelda franchise, A Link Between Worlds.

For me however, the journey truly began with that first game. Looking back now, I don’t believe that I realized how truly amazing the game was, or how after so much time had past that I would still love it to this day. Even though I remember being captivated from the moment I heard the first notes of the opening song, I never realized how epic an adventure it would turn out to be.

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