THQ won't have a booth at E3 2012

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THQ won't have a booth at E3 2012

Postby Valay » Thu May 03, 2012 8:57 pm

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THQ has confirmed that they won't have a booth at this year's E3.

However, the company will initiate a number of E3-related activities. THQ will show a variety of titles to the E3 judges, will have a press/business center at the expo for meetings, and will be involved with first-party activities.

THQ's decision to not pursue a booth can be attributed to its poor financial state.

"We're not producing a booth, but we will be participating in E3. We will be showing games to the E3 judges at their event coming up, and we'll be hosting a press and business center at the show for meetings (as well as participating with first party activities)."

"When we needed to make the decision on the booth (many months ago) we were in a MUCH different place than today. But, we will be there to support our portfolio and the show itself."

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