Capcom teasing "surprising information" for Monster Hunter 4

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Capcom teasing "surprising information" for Monster Hunter 4

Postby Valay » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:30 pm

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Monster Hunter 4 will have a big showing at the Tokyo Game Show this year. It'll be playable for the first time, and Capcom will even be revealing "surprising information" during the show.

Specifics on this haven't been announced yet, for obvious reasons. All that's known is that details will be shared during the game's stage event, which will also cover an introduction to new systems and actions.

Those who try out the Monster Hunter 4 demo will be able to battle three monsters and experience the new ruins field. Additionally, the "Controllable Insect Bow" weapon will be available.

Capcom will hand out the following bag to demo players, which includes a booklet and another novelty item:


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