River City Ransom game heading to the Japanese 3DS eShop

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River City Ransom game heading to the Japanese 3DS eShop

Postby Valay » Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:30 pm

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Arc System Works has a new River City Ransom title in the works. Famitsu has a first look at the downloadable entry this week.

Players will control of the series' main rival Riki in Riki Densetsu. He used to be a star player for his school's soccer team, but was issued a suspension after a revenge beat-down. You see, Riki wasn't pleased that half of his own team was attacked by a rival school before one of their big matches. As a result, he decided to get some revenge.

Riki is now a complete delinquent. In the game, he'll take on a Mushamonzen which is led by Okada.

Screenshots posted in Famitsu imply that Riki Densetsu will be a typical River City Ransom. It features side-scrolling gameplay and IP's classic art style for characters.

Riki Densetsu will be released on December 12 for the Japanese 3DS eShop for 800 yen.

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