Zoink on why WeeWaa never came out for Wii, interest in brin

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Zoink on why WeeWaa never came out for Wii, interest in brin

Postby Valay » Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:59 pm

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WeeWaa was one of the strangest game/peripheral combinations we ever saw on Wii. But for a number of reasons - mainly the decline in interest from its investor and publisher - the product never hit retail.

Klaus Lyngeled, the owner and creative director of Zoink and the creator of the project, explained:

“We did finish the game for Wii, and the tech and gameplay [were] working really good. But the investor and publisher didn’t go through with publishing it since the Wii market wasn’t strong enough. It was a very big disappointment to us, too, since we had worked with the project for many years. We even designed the plush toy ourselves and set up the full production in China.”

Lyngeled pointed to the third-party market on Wii as a big factor behind the decrease in interest from its investor and publisher:

“It was mainly because they didn’t see any third-party games selling on Wii. The kids angle worked really well on Wii. At the beginning, we had deals lined up with both Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us. They loved it, but then the market changed, and third-party games just didn’t sell.”
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