LEGO City: Undercover has 290 disguises

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LEGO City: Undercover has 290 disguises

Postby Valay » Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:07 pm

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LEGO City: Undercover has a massive amount of content. Along with a huge world and tons of items to collect, the game also packs in 290 costumes. That should make up for the lack of different playable characters that are traditionally included in LEGO titles.

Speaking with ONM, executive producer Loz Doyle said that his team added "more than we had planned to include." He also commented on the varied gameplay featured in LEGO City:

"There is a huge variety of gameplay outside of the story. In fact there's more than we had planned to include. There's so much more outside of the story. As a robber you can steal cars and try to outrun the police, take part in vehicle and free-running time trials, be a limousine driver, catch renegade aliens, rescue cats, put out fires... The list goes on."

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