Color Commando details

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Color Commando details

Postby Valay » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:25 pm

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Goodbye Galaxy Games has shared a few new details about Color Commando, which may very well be the indie dev's final DSiWare title. A compilation of information can be found below.

- Players hunt for treasure in the game
- Nasty color monsters are stopping you from doing so
- Need to gather and use paint blobs in the different levels to get past them
- Use blobs to paint spots in the world on the touch screen
- Monster that comes into contact with a blob of the same color dissolves into the spot, which will allow you to pass through
- 5 world
- 4 normal levels and 1 star level in each world
- Obtain all of the treasure in the other 4 levels to unlock the star level
- Will be around 200 points
- 2 hours of gameplay
- Out in early 2013

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