LEGO City: Undercover producer on the game's side content

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LEGO City: Undercover producer on the game's side content

Postby Valay » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:30 pm

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LEGO City: Undercover contains a ton of content. It has a huge overworld that takes ten minutes just to drive a loop around, a lengthy story, and plenty of side content.

Executive producer Loz Doyle detailed some of Undercover's non-story elements in an interview with ONM.

Speaking about the game's side-activities, Doyle said:

"There's so much more outside of the story. As a robber you can steal cars and try to outrun the police, take part in vehicle and free-running time trials, be a limousine driver, catch renegade aliens, rescue cats, put out fires... the list goes on and on."

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