Circle Entertainment's 3DS eShop/DSiWare lineup for 2013

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Circle Entertainment's 3DS eShop/DSiWare lineup for 2013

Postby Valay » Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:35 pm

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Circle Entertainment has close to twenty games lined up for Nintendo's digital services this year. Swords and Soldiers 3D and Color Commando are just a couple of games coming to the 3DS eShop/DSiWare in 2013.

Here's the full listing:

Ah Heaven! (DSiWare, Q1)
Goony (DSiWare, Q1)
Achilles War (DSiWare, Q1)
Publisher Dream (DSiWare, Q1)
Swords and Soldiers 3D (3DS eShop, Q1)
Witch and Hero (3DS eShop, Q1)
WAKADAS (3DS eShop, Q2)
Color Commando (DSiWare, Q2)
Cafe Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
I am in the MOVIE (DSiWare, Q2)
Banking Dream (DSiWare, Q2)
Cinema Dream (3DS eShop, Q2)
Castle Conqueror: Heroes 3 (3DS eShop, Q3)
World Conquest (3DS eShop, Q3)
Rhythm Scape (3DS eShop, Q3)
Toy Defense (3DS eShop, Q3)
Sweet Memories: Poker Night (3DS eShop, Q3)
Puzzle Craft (3DS eShop, Q4)
Lair Land Story (3DS eShop, Q4)
Lair Land Story 2 (3DS eShop, Q4)

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