Capcom announces new IP Gaist Crusher for 3DS, includes mang

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Capcom announces new IP Gaist Crusher for 3DS, includes mang

Postby Valay » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:19 am

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Capcom has announced a new children-centric IP - specifically targeting "elementary school age boys" - known as Gaist Crusher. The game component of the franchise will be made for the 3DS and will be released in Japan this winter.

Gaist Crushers is described as an action game - you can see how it plays out in the trailer above. Capcom plans to take advantage of its "expertise in producing content for children" and "high-grade multiplayer capability" in creating the project.

Beyond games, Capcom has plans to expand Gaist Crushers through manga, anime, music and toys. Saikyo Jump and V Jump will handle the manga, Pierrot Co., Ltd. will produce the anime, Pierrot Co., Ltd. will be in charge of music, and Bandai Co., Ltd. will be responsible for toys. The company calls this "an expansive cross-media project."

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