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Juicy Realm heading to Switch

Posted on September 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

SpaceCan Games has confirmed that its new project Juicy Realm is lined up for Switch. In the roguelike game, players will face off against all types of strange fruits from across the world.

Juicy Realm is slated for sometime in 2018. View a bit of gameplay below.


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  • Ardisan

    The artwork for this game is amazing, good thing I like rougelikes.

  • Gregory Weagle

    I checked the publisher’s website: They are the second Chinese developer on the Nintendo Switch, after Tencent Holdings. Interesting.

    • Kevin

      That’s not correct, “I and Me”is a game by a solo Chinese developer and already released on Switch

      • Gregory Weagle

        You’re right, so there are at least four developers from China, if you include Indie Nova.

        • Kevin

          I wonder when Nintendo will include Chinese as system language, I know there are games that you can change language in-game, but if it’s not availble in the console it’s a big hurdle for chinese users. Hopefully they will include that soon, as China is a big market.

  • I love the art, but I don’t know if I’m feeling the gameplay. I’ll definitely be watching it though.