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New Animal Crossing for mobile is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Posted on October 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Nintendo has finally unveiled its new Animal Crossing game for mobile devices. During a Nintendo Direct, the company provided a first look at Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Here’s what we know:

– Set in a campsite
– Craft furniture
– Talk with animals to receive requests
– Get rewards by completing requests
– Place a craft order with the components you need to receive items
– Cyrus will take your order
– Arrange furniture
– If you place an animal’s favorite item, he/she will come to visit
– Share friendship level with each animal
– If you level up your friendship and decorate with their favorite furniture, he/she will come to visit your campsite
– Craft materials
– Get Leaf Tickets with actual money or gameplay
– Visit an island, beach, forest, and river
– Time passes just like in real life
– Morning, day, evening, night
– Can also shop in the game
– Marketplace with a pop up shop, Able Sisters To Go, Kicks for clothes
– Selection at each shop rotates
– Your Camper is like a tiny home you can decorate with furniture
– Exterior is fully customizable
– OK Motors lets you change the color and design of your camper
– Sell bugs, minerals, etc. for bells
– Can share your player ID with a real life friend who has the game
– Can exchange bells for their fruit, bugs, etc. and visit their campsite
– If you hit it off with someone, give them kudos
– Can choose to send a friend request as well
– When you’re friends, visit their campsite at any time
– Can be a boy or a girl; choose skin color, hair color, eye color, gender
– Build amenities for your campsite including a pool
– These can take hours/days to finish
– If you give Tom Nook Leaf Tickets, the process can be sped up
– Exchange tickets for honey to trap a ton of bugs, mine minerals
– Leaf Tickets, bells, etc. can be earned by completing goals

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