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Pokemon Crystal will be sold as a boxed release in Europe and Japan

Posted on December 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

When Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver hit the Virtual Console earlier this year, Europe and Japan received boxed versions. The newly-announced Pokemon Silver will be receiving the same treatment.

Europe’s edition will just feature the box with a download code inside. Japan’s copy contains a cartridge magnet, manual, and poster.

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  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Between these and the Bayonetta editions, why does Nintendo suddenly hate America lately?

    • Roto Prime

      Sadly all VC games have always been digital ;___; I would love VC hard copy collection!!

      • Felipe M.

        There have been somewhat VC physical collections (the remix games) on the WiiU and 3DS, for example.

    • Apfel

      Not really, nintendo hates USA when you think nintendo hates USA.

      • Aline Piroutek

        Nintendo of anywhere> Nintendo of America

        • Apfel

          people from the US complaining about things they don’t get > rest of the world complaining about things they don’t get

          • Aline Piroutek

            They made Xenoblade a Gamestop exclusive

          • Apfel

            I’m pretty sure there are worse things than that that a company can do.
            As far as I know, but can be completely wrong, NoA does a better job controlling prices.
            Official prices in the US (MSRP) are controlled. In Europe, I know for a fact that nintendo doesn’t control prices (I got the official answer myself). So basically, retailers set the price. At this moment, amazon DE set the price for new amiiibo at 19,99. That’s 23 usd (30% increase). And that’s amazon’s official price. I know there’s things like Think Geek’s kits, but I don’t think I’ve seen Best Buy, Amazon or Target selling an overpriced nintendo official product.

            Yeah, US get…some deals with Best Buy, or GameStop…and that affect US people.
            Well, imagine how that affects people like me, that cannot preorder at Gamestop because they don’t ship internationally.

            Australians might have more reasons to complain about Nintendo of Australia. Or Canadians. About prices, stuff they get…etc…
            The way I see it, it’s just that people from the US are more resonant at complaining.

          • Aline Piroutek

            Well, all those deals with Target, Gamestop, Best Buy affect us. Xenoblade is mega rare here, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Megaman Starforce Dragon too.
            They’re all over $200 here.
            Exclusive amiibos are also a steal here.
            And all cool special editions only come to Europe.
            Downside: Nintendo of Europe consoles of the past were 50hz.

          • Apfel

            Well, to be honest, metroid prime trilogy and xenoblade are rare here too…
            But if a GameStop/Best Buy/Target deal affect people from the US, imagine how that affects people from EU…
            Gold Mario amiibo, or Silver amiibo (we got none here) were Walmart exclusives. I had to buy it on eBay to scalpers…
            It’s impossible to buy something from those places, only Best Buy and Amazon offer international shipping.
            You maaay get less cool Special Editions, granted, but you are WAY more protected as a customer.
            In 2011, 3ds prices were set here in Europe by retailers.
            SNES classic mini here cost, “officially”, 99 euros. US price, as almost all console/game prices in the US are cheaper. I bought the Super Famicom Mini from amazon japan. 10 bucks Cheaper than the EU version, including shipping and customs fees…
            We are completely unprotected in the EU. I’d prefer more control on prices and less cool Special Editions. Those, you can import. Especially now with Switch.
            But hey, the neighbor’s glass always look greener.

            This think this a very interesting subject. I got the official nintendo of europe position about prices: “We control shiit!”.

    • Apfel

      Just enjoy what the US gets…which is plenty.

    • TheGoomba

      NoA doesn’t want to shell out the extra money to make people happy.

    • Apfel

      things I imported from the US last 2 years:
      – all altus DS games and launch editions (Luminous arc, legacy of Ys, Dark Spire, SR Taigen, Deep Journey, Radiant Historia, Knights of nightmare, EO 1 2 &3, Steal Princess, Tokyo beatdown)
      – Xenoblade Chronicles X wii U (definitely better than the EU’s SE)
      – all atlus 3ds and launch editions (all EO, Co Princess, Conception, SMTIV SE, Soul Hackers)
      – Lord of Magna Launch Edition
      – Nes remix pack wii U
      – Rune Factory 4
      – Corpse Party
      – Duck Tales remastered wii U
      – Shantae Wii U
      – Rumbow Wii U
      – Kingdom Hearts DDD special edition
      – Zero Time Dilemma with Watch
      – Megaman Collection with exclusive US amiibo (EU not even a physical copy of the game)
      – Mario Gold amiibo (EU got the regular one, so we can go to a store, buy gold paint and mimic US version…like a little DIY project)
      Breath of the Wild Master Edition
      Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition
      River City: rival showdown
      River City: tokyo rumble
      All Nicalis Switch games (EU only got so far Binding of Isaac): WondeBoy, End if Nigh, Blade Strangers, Cave Story, Ittle Dew, Tiny Barbarian,
      Retro City Rampage regular and SE
      Radiant Historia, Alliance Alive, Strange journey Launch editions that amazon US will completely ruin.

      Yes, you’re right, this is unfair.

      • Aline Piroutek

        You got a point here. Let’s hope Megaman games for Switch come in phisical media.

  • Roto Prime


    • Felipe M.

      Hope you get better, dude.

  • *starts salivating profusely*
    That fridge magnet tho’.

  • Felipe M.

    That’s pretty cool and I’m glad Nintendo isn’t making just limited quantities which is stupid as people want to buy it.

  • Tlink7


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