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As previously stated, the New Year will bring Fire Emblem Heroes a few more themed heroes. Azura, Takumi, and Camilla will all be getting various forms. You can check them out in action below.

The Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account announced that a new summoning focus will go live on December 31st. They didn’t announce which units would be featured on the focus though, only posting the silhouettes of two units. However, a new patch for the game went live today and dataminers found out that it also contains all the data about that upcoming summoning focus. The four featured units in the focus will be Takumi, Azura, male Corrin and Camilla, all sporting traditional Hoshidan New Year’s outfits (i.e. kimonos). Takumi uses daggers, Azura is a flying axe user, Corrin uses bows and Camilla is a flying sword user.


Fire Emblem Heroes has kicked off a couple of new events. The Legendary Heroes summoning, first announced yesterday, is now live. You can also earn double EXP and SP in battle.

For the Legendary Heroes summoning, you can get Gunnthra: Voice f Dreams. Nintendo is also offering 5-star Special Heroes that were released previously. 5-star Focus Heroes will have an initial appearance rate of 8% as well, and the rate for regular 5-star Heroes will be 0%.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

Those who have downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes now have access to a new survey within the app. A number of questions involve what you like and dislike pertaining to the series. Even more intriguing, the survey asks about the types of new modes players could be interested in.

The survey references the following:

A new Legendary Hero summoning event is on the way to Fire Emblem Heroes. Starting on December 28, players will have an opportunity to obtain Gunnthr√°.

Below is a video promoting the new summon:

You’ll only have until January 2 to participate.

The new Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace started in Fire Emblem Heroes today. Check out some footage of the maps and summoning below.

The newest tempest trial has just gone live and will be up til January 9th. The character reward for this one will once again be Masked Marth, with the bonus characters being the new holiday themed characters plus Frederick, Nowi, Masked Marth and Lucina. Good luck!

Fire Emblem Heroes has updated once again with the latest content. Starting today and lasting for 11 days, players can experience Daily Special Maps. You’ll receive 1 Orb the first time you clear each map regardless of whether you play on Normal or Hard mode.

Each map can be played for one week. The event concludes on January 3.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes has updated, and the Navarre Grand Hero Battle has returned. Players can take on the challenge in Special Maps. If you defeat Navarre, you’ll add him to your party, and doing so on Infernal difficulty is awaiting those who completed the challenge previously

Nintendo has also make limited-time special quests available. Even if you’ve beaten them previously, you can earn an additional Grand Hero by clearing quests.

The Grand Hero Battle event lasts until December 30.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

A new tempest trial will be live on December 26th and to prepare a summoning focus featuring Nowi, Lucina and Frederick has gone live and will last til January 9th.

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