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Project Octopath Traveler

Project Octopath Traveler producer Masashi Takahashi has delivered a message to fans. In it, he reveals that the demo survey has received 45,500 responses around the world. The team promises to read through all of the responses and will deliver feedback in the future.

Below is Takahashi’s message in full:

After the latest Nintendo Direct, a demo for Project Octopath Traveler went up on the Switch eShop. Square Enix then asked those who played the trial to provide feedback in a survey.

A Switch news notice went out this week with interim results for the survey. It will be open for one more week. Since the notice was sent on the Japanese channel, we assume that the early results are based on responses from Japan, but that’s not officially confirmed.

In any case, the notice has the following results:

After several months of silence, Project Octopath Traveler reappeared during the latest Nintendo Direct. It was one of the big games Nintendo ended up showcasing during the showcase. Even better, a demo was released shortly after the presentation.

The only official release window for Project Octopath Traveler is 2018. However, in a Nintendo UK post, the RPG was recently listed for the more specific Spring 2018.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, and that mention is now gone. Nintendo UK wiped “Spring 2018” off of its site completely. In its place is the vague 2018 window. Was it a mistake, or did Nintendo say something it wasn’t supposed to?

Square Enix held a special session for Project Octopath Traveler at the Tokyo Game Show last week. Nothing new was on display as only the demo was shown, but developers were on hand to speak about the game.

Among what was discussed was why it took so long for Project Octopath Traveler to resurface following the announcement in January, where the game is at in terms of development, and more. You can find the full rundown below, courtesy of Reddit’s scottwo.

Project Octopath Traveler reemerged during last week’s Nintendo Direct following its initial announcement in January. Amazingly, a demo of the game even hit the eShop.

Nintendo UK highlighted the demo’s availability in a news post on its official website today. Towards the end, Nintendo says that Project Octopath Traveler is launching in Spring 2018.

Could this be an error? Absolutely. We’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve only heard on the record that Project Octopath Traveler is planned for 2018, but if Nintendo UK is correct, it’ll be releasing closer to the start of 2018 rather than towards the end of the year.


Yesterday, we reported that Laura Post is the voice of Primrose in Project Octopath Traveler. We also seem to have the actor for Olberic.

While he didn’t technically confirm his role explicitly, Patrick Seitz appears to be voicing the character. Seitwiz put out a tweet a couple of days ago showing the art for Olberic.

Seitz has been involved with tons of games over the years. Perhaps you’ll recognize him as Magnus from Kid Icarus: Uprising? Or maybe as Zeke from Fire Emblem Echoes? He also voiced Draug and Hector in Fire Emblem Heroes, among many others.

Thanks to Anthony for the tip.


Square Enix first announced Project Octopath Traveler way back in January. The game went completely dark – until this week, that is. Project Octopath Traveler was heavily featured in the latest Nintendo Direct, and was even given a meaty demo on the eShop.

In case you’re wondering, Laura Post is the voice of Primrose. Post confirmed her role on Twitter a couple of days ago, writing:

Post has worked on a few games in the past, including the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. She has been involved with several anime productions as well.


With the demo for Project Octopath Traveler going live on the Switch eShop, footage has come in. Check out gameplay below.

Square Enix announced Project Octopath Traveler for Switch during the system’s big presentation back in January. However, we haven’t heard much since then. That’s about to change.

Square Enix has opened its official website for the Tokyo Game Show, accessible here. The page already contains a listing of the company’s lineup for the show, and Project Octopath Traveler is indeed included.

The full lineup is as follows:

Square Enix opened a teaser site for Project Octopath Traveler, its upcoming RPG for Switch. Access it here. The site has some music to listen to and the debut teaser, but that’s mostly it for now.