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A look at some Pauline concept art in Super Mario Odyssey

Posted on April 1, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A soundtrack for Super Mario Odyssey was recently offered in Japan. Aside from including several discs and stickers, it also contained a special booklet with concept art focused on Pauline – see below. We’re also able to get insight into Nintendo’s thinking for the character.

Mayor Pauline usually wears a pants suit. But when she is singing Jump Up, Super Star!, she wears a gorgeous dress which excites the usually cool New Donkers. Pauline is a character with history, so while keeping her original traits intact, Nintendo made a new design for her which fits the world setting of Super Mario Odyssey. The team solidified her image by drawing rough sketches of her various costumes, although they don’t appear in the game.

In the second gallery image, these are rough sketches for Pauline’s expressions. As Nintendo thought about how to make her singing face appealing, they polished her expressions. They leave an impression that feels like she can be compared contrarily to Peach.

The concept art for the New Donk City festival can be found in the third image. Taking place on the skyscraper in the Metro Kingdom, Nintendo aimed to establish both the bustling situation of the festival and the adult-like image that suits Pauline.

In the third image below, we’re also shown the definitive designs of speakers and amps used in the festival. Nintendo made them to feel realistic while also including the design of Donkey Kong’s barrel.

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