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AeternoBlade II launches October 11, new trailer

Posted on August 20, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Publisher PQube and developer Corecell Technology have dated the action puzzle-platformer AeternoBlade II. The game will be out on October 11, the two sides have confirmed.

Here’s some additional information about AeternoBlade II:

AeternoBlade II features fast-paced, intense combat where you can string together a massive hit count of relentess combos, in order to overwhelm your foes. The game takes places predominently from a side-scrolling perspective, but there are also full-3D scenarios that make for some truly epic encounters with bosses and enemies.

Either way, you can use the full set of moves at your disposal to launch enemies into the air, and finish them using sword strikes, dashes and impressive ultimate attacks. Each of the three playable characters is very agile, and you can leap, grapple and climb across intricately designed environments with vertical terrain.

But AeternoBlade II is about time, and how it’s power can be used with deadly consqeuences. By manipulating time, you can use it to overcome all obstacles, solve creative puzzles, and outwit even the most intimidating enemies. Your abilities include Time Stop, Warp and Reversal, so use them wisely.

And a new trailer:

Source: PQube PR

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