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Here is a little under 12 minutes of gameplay footage from Runbow Pocket, recorded by NintenDaan. The video shows off the Shantae costume and the adventure mode. You can check out the video below.

GoNintendo has just put up a video of a first look at Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Switch. You can check out the gameplay video below. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero comes out June 8th.

There are quite a few things to note in this update.

Firstly, Great Challenge Alolan Exeggutor special stage is now available to play, as well as an Alolan Muk and Lurantis stage.

A new Pokemon Safari that features Alolan Meowth, Alolan Persian, Bounsweet, Steenee and Tsareena. Daily Pokemon (#7) has begun its repeat run.

Finally, a Primarina Competitive Stage is now active with the top 100 players receiving 1 Skill Swapper, 5 Mega Speedup and 10 Raise Max Level, regardless participating will net you an Attack Power. Check out all the rewards right here.

All of these will be available until June 20th.


The official Nintendo Twitter has shared that the character with the highest winning average through the Global Testpunch was in fact Ribbon-Girl with Mechanica falling in second. Check out the Tweet below.



If you had entered the 2017 International Challenge April Competition, then you now have the chance to grab Abomasite, Tyranitarite and Manectite. These gifts will remain available to you until July 30th and can be obtained by logging into the Global Link.


The Fire Emblem Heroes app has recently sent out a notification on an upcoming event called the Tempest Trial. This will offer a series of maps that the players will have to complete from start to finish. There will also be a kick-off campaign where if the worldwide player score exceeds 1 billion points within five days everyone will be awarded 10 orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers.

The event will go through June 8th to June 22nd.

Spike Chunsoft has shown of some footage of the newest Attack on Titan game for the 3DS. The footage from the game is based around episodes that have already come out for the second season of Attack on Titan. You can check out the footage below.

On the official ARMS Twitter it is stated out that Ninjara was once again the most played character in the Global Testpunch and coming in second was Twintelle.



Square Enix has updated the official Dragon Quest XI with new screenshots showing off characters Senya and Veronica. There are also some images showing off one of the locations, Homura Village.


The newest Grand Hero Battle is available to play and this time around it is the sable knight Camus. Just like all the previous battles it will include two difficulties to choose from, hard and lunatic, and will grant you the hero upon victory. His map does not come with quests, but the new June quests have become available.

Along with the battle itself comes a new summoning focus centered on beating the map. The characters n this focus are Olwen, Fae, Jaffar, and young Tiki. The focus and the special map will stay active through June 9th.