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Blizzard co-founder regrets having to cancel StarCraft: Ghost

Posted on July 20, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in Book Club, GameCube, News

GameCube nearly got a new StarCraft title before the entire project was scrapped. Blizzard had been working on StarCraft: Ghost for a couple of years, but the project just never came together.

In an interview with VG247, Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime spoke about having to cancel the third-person action game. Although it was a difficult decision, the move freed up team resources and ensured that other titles inside the company could thrive.

Morhaime said:

“At the time, World of Warcraft was exploding and we had Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 in development. We realized there was really no way we could create an environment for Starcraft Ghost to be successful because we couldn’t supply it with the resources it needed. There was too much resource contention between all those other games. Let’s say World of Warcraft needed a character artist and Ghost needed a character artist – who has priority? When we cancelled that project, we were able to take an incredibly talented team and really inject that talent into those other products, and it really helped.”


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