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New Xenoblade scans

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1. [Wii] New Super Mario Bros. Wii
2. [PS3] Fist of the North Star: Warriors
3. [PSP] Pro Baseball Spirits 2010
4. [PS3] Pro Baseball Spirits 2010
5. [DS] Tomodachi Collection
6. [DS] Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light
7. [Wii] Wii Fit Plus
8. [DS] Etrian Odyssey III: Caller of the Starry Seas

9. [PS3] Yakuza 4
10. [PSP] Judie no Atelier: Guramnat no Renkinjutsu – Toraware no Morito

Update: This isn’t confirmed by any means yet, but it seems a second player will be able to control a Luma.

Famitsu has included some new screenshots with their preview and seem to reveal a few story details. Hopefully we’ll get a translation soon!

– Port of the Arcade game
– Use cards to battle
– 1-4 players
– Can scan cards from the DSi and use them on Wii


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Hey guys, sorry about the absence of an article this weekend! I was out of town, and thus didn’t have time to get something up! However, I’ve got a very important update for everyone that’s planning on participating in this week’s game night: I have decided that the game we will play is between Mario Kart and The Conduit. Before I go on, here’s the quick version of all the info for you all that are short on time or don’t feel like reading a long drawn out article:

– Game nights will now work on a week to week basis: I’ll announce the game at the beginning of the week, and you send me your code for that game (if you haven’t already) that week.
– You CAN post friend codes in the comments section below this post, but it is extremely important that you have a forum account so we can contact you.
– Please vote on which game you prefer!

My final decision will come soon, but for now I want to hear what you guys think! Would you prefer The Conduit or Mario Kart for this Saturday’s play session? Also, would you prefer game nights to be on Friday nights or on Saturday nights? Leave comments/friend codes in the comment section below, and make sure to sign up for the forum!

Famitsu review scores

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Nier Replicant (PS3) 10/8/8/8
Nier Gestalt (360) 10/8/8/8
Superstars V8 Racing (360) – 6/7/6/6
Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) – 8/8/7/8
Ys: Felghana no Chikai (PSP) – 8/7/8/8
Disgaea Infinite (PSP) – 7/7/8/7
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra (360) – 6/6/6/5
Naruto Shippuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai! Cha-Crash! (DS) – 6/6/6/7
The Elder Scrolls IV:?????? Game of Year Edition (PS3/360) – 9/8/8/8

As promised, Level-5 has revealed a new game in this week’s Famitsu. Kind of. Apparently, the magazine interviewed Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino in the latest issue, who announced that the company is working on a new game called Time Traveler. The thing is, Hino wouldn’t exactly say what platform it’s for and seemed to avoid revealing further information when the 3DS was brought up.

We’re already aware of the fact that TOSE has been asked to create numerous titles for the 3DS. Is Level-5 working on the system as well? In any case, we’ll let you know more about Time Traveler is any actual game details come in.



Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) – 9
Red Steel 2 (Wii) – 8
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (Wii) – 6.5
Beat City (DS) – 8.5