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It looks like SEGA is considering releasing a physical edition for Sonic Mania, according to SEGA Product Manager Jim Dyer. While it’s not confirmed yet, the positive feedback received at SXSW for the idea seems to have helped sway SEGA towards a physical release.

From an interview on, Dyer had this to say on the possibility of a physical version of Sonic Mania:

“We would love to do one. We want the community to know that we are listening, and at SXSW they suggested a lot of interest in us following through with a physical release. But we’re also aware that audience approves of anything Sonic related, so while we are listening and it is something we’d like to do, at this stage we are going to see how it goes.”

As Sonic Mania is releasing on the Switch as well, this would obviously mean that Switch owners would be able to get their hands on a physical release as well. Only time will tell at this point.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is fast approaching, and GamersGlobal is sharing 26 minutes of footage from the Switch release. Take a look at the video below.

The latest episode of the Play Nintendo Show, featuring 1-2-Switch, has gone live. Andrew and Jenna go head-to-head in various mini-games in today’s video. Check out the full episode below.


Earlier this week, Nintendo showed off the furry Splatoon 2 character found in video footage and the Testfire event on its Japanese Twitter page. An English name was made known today. Officially, the character is called Li’l Judd.

Here’s the introduction for the Splatoon 2 Tumblr page:

“Breaking news! We’ve confirmed the identity of the furry creature seen previously in both video footage and the recent Testfire event! Ready for it? Everyone, meet Li’l Judd!

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit he’s adorable, but from what we’ve been able to observe, he’s gunning for Judd’s spot as premier Turf War judge like a bloodthirsty tiger crouching in the jungle underbrush. The details of his origins are still shrouded in mystery, but rest assured our research on this fuzzy subject will continue.”



We’ve already seen LEGO City Undercover on Switch compared to the new PlayStation 4 version. But how does it stack up to the original game? Nintendo Life answers that question with the video below. Wii U is on the left, Switch is on the right.

Square Enix published Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker on the Japanese Switch eShop earlier today. We’ve posted some footage of it below.

GameSpot has a new video up with extensive Yooka-Laylee multiplayer footage. Below, you can watch 26 minutes of gameplay.

The latest issue of MCV has a listing of the best-selling games in the UK for the month of March. The results are posted below, based on data collected between February 26 and April 1.

As far as physical software sales by platform goes, here are the results:

01 (01) PlayStation 4 – 824,781 (+13.79%)
02 (02) Xbox One – 513,606 (-12.00%)
03 (NE) Nintendo Switch – 137,185
04 (03) Nintendo 3DS – 71,938 (-14.73%)
05 (06) Nintendo Wii U – 50,189 (-35.22%)
06 (04) Xbox 360 – 28,441 (-76.40%)
07 (07) PC Software – 21,749 (-51.42%)
08 (05) PlayStation 3 – 15,057 (-77.58%)
09 (08) Nintendo Wii – 5,019 (-41.70%)
10 (09) PlayStation Vita – 1,673 (-75.71%)
11 (10) Nintendo DS – 1,673 (-51.42%)

Image & Form recently revealed that Switch developers only need to submit one version of their game for the entire world. Speaking with MCV, community manager Julius Guldbog further explained why this is so significant, and said Nintendo is “basically taking the Steam or App Store approach”.

Guldbog said:

“With the Wii U and 3DS, [Nintendo] started to realise that they had to get with the times. Publishing for Nintendo consoles has been, in the past, not a nightmare, but pretty close. They make sure every QA gate is good enough. It takes months, and you have to do that for every region, and if you fail, it takes even longer. You have to get a new slot, and release dates are pushed back.

But with the Switch, we only have to make one version and only have one launch – and that’s one version for the entire world, so we’ll have the same version in the US, Europe and a little bit later, Japan and China as well. That saves so much work. It means we can do the translations ourselves, we don’t have to have a new publisher for one specific region – it’s going to be so much easier. They’re basically taking the Steam or App Store approach: one version of the game for the entire world.”

We’ve already heard that Switch is receiving huge attention from Square Enix this year. Additionally, CEO Yosuke Matsuda informed Nikkei that the company is considering previously-released titles for the platform. “We’re even thinking about what feasible existing game titles we want to successively port [onto the Switch],” he said.

Any and all titles may be up for consideration here. Seiken Densetsu Collection is coming to Switch in Japan soon, which features games that came out many years ago. On the other hand, Square Enix brought Dragon Quest Heroes I-II out for Switch’s Japanese launch last month, which had titles that were made within the past couple of years.

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