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Cube Creator X details and screenshots – items, world, systems

Posted on February 8, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Arc System Works provided an update on Cube Creator X today, offering new details on the game’s items, world, and systems. Find the information rounded up below with screenshots, courtesy of Gematsu

– By bringing the “Rare Items” hidden in each world to its lord, its territory will expand
– In order to increase the amount of worlds you can explore, you must collect “Lithograph Fragments” to complete “Slates”
– Treasures, mysterious buildings, and more will appear in locations indicated by the new “Treasure Map” item
– Various hidden areas may also appear in each world
– “Island of the Distant Sea” is a new world where there is an endless sea
– You can also come across valuable resources only found in the sea here
– “Sizes” and “weights” have been added for all characters, including the player
– Various things are affected by size, weight, time, and action, enabling even deeper enjoyment of the cube world
– Create your own world in Creative Mode
– Here more editing features have been added to enable more efficient creativity
– Your favorite buildings can be registered in part units, and moved, copied, and erased by selecting a larger range
– Stage Builder mode: create original stages that use “Gimmick Cubes” which have various mechanics
– You can choose the form of the stage from those that appear in the game, add new goal rules, and create even more varied stages

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