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Destiny Connect details and screenshots – characters, Gear and Form Change systems

Posted on January 4, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Nippon Ichi sent out a new batch of details and screenshots for Destiny Connect today. Today’s update primarily covers three new characters and Isaac’s Gear and Form Change systems. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– Begins on January 1, 2000
– In Clocknee, an event known as the “stopped time” incident occurred
– Sherry and Pegreo, who were fortunate enough to escape the incident, go on a journey to restore the town alongside the time-traveling robot Isaac
– Time travel using Isaac’s unique functionality
– Go to the Clocknee of 30 years in the past
– In the Clocknee of the past, there was a strange rumor going around about the department store “Save the Queen” that ghosts are appearing
– In order to discover its secret, Sherry and company team up with a boy they meet in that era
– Inside the closed department store, there seem to be robots having some sort of discussion


– A boy Sherry and company meet in the past Clocknee
– He has a rough personality, but a strong sense of justice
– He is investigating the secret of the town’s department store “Save the Queen”


– Truth’s good friend
– He often follows Truth, who tends to bump heads with others
– Loves to eat


– A girl from the past Clocknee
– She works as a helper at Cafe Blossom
– Kind personality
– Good friend of Truth and Dumpty

Isaac-Related Game Systems

– Not only is Isaac equipped with the time travel functionality necessary to resolve the stopped time incident in Clocknee, he is also essential in battle
– By visiting the town’s workshop “BcFarlane Collectibles,” you can also modify and strengthen Isaac

Gear Creation and Installation

– Isaac’s capabilities will increase by installing “gears” into empty slots
– Create gears by collecting parts dropped by enemies
– Three types of gears: gold, silver, and copper
– The better the gear you install, the higher the increase in Isaac’s capabilities
– As Isaac’s level increases, more powerful slots will unlock

Form Change

– As you progress through the game, you will be able to use the “Form Change” ability
– This powers up and transforms Isaac in battle
– Six forms with different base stats and learnable skills
– Form Change does not waste a turn and can be used any number of times in battle
– Strengthening via slots and gears is available for each form

Guardian Form

– Isaac’s main form
– A steel guardian that protects everyone with its heavy armor
– Bad at avoiding attacks
– It can use abilities such as “Iron Wall,” which increases the defense power of the entire party, and “Radiant Beam,” which attacks all enemies

Rescue Form

– With the “Medical Shower” ability that can heal all of the party’s HP, Isaac’s Rescue Form is an effective form to use when you want to heal wounded allies
– By using the “Hazmat Cleanup” skill, you can attack a single enemy while lowering its attack power
– This form should come in handy in a pinch

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