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DoDonPachi Resurrection Switch physical release detailed, including collector’s edition

Posted on August 31, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

DoDonPachi Resurrection Collector's Edition

Limited Run Games announced a physical release of DoDonPachi Resurrection on Switch in June, but didn’t share any details. Today, however, the company has followed up with specifics.

DoDonPachi Resurrection will be sold in three different versions: standalone, the Steelbook Edition, and Collector’s Edition. Each copy of the Collector’s Edition includes the game, slipcover, steelbook, chiptune arrangement album, and a 18″ x 24″ poster.

Here’s some information about the game:

The Moon-based “DonPachi” headquarters sensed a turbulence in space-time. As a result of their investigation, it was found that it was due to a large amount of material transfer to the past. The culprit was Exy, an element doll. She would have been abandoned in a runaway battle six years ago. The battle between Axie, who plans to rewrite history, and the DonPachi army, which tries to prevent it, begins. It will be set in Japan in May 2008.The world is once again engulfed in war. The bee’s feather sound hasn’t stopped yet!

Select one of the three models that are characterized by their movement speed and shot type, and sortie. Orthodox “Bomb Style” that can use bombs to counteract enemy bullets at the same time as attacking the entire screen

Bomb hardly shoots, but “power style” that can switch shot power arbitrarily. And “strong style” that combines the two strengths. You can set the aircraft and shot style to your liking. “Hyper counter mode” that offsets enemy bullets at the same time as powering up your own machine,

Let’s lead the battle to your advantage with the “counter laser” that cancels the enemy’s laser.

Key Features

  • 8 modes for all DoDonPachi fans, regardless of skill level
  • Novice mode prepared for beginners and arrangement mode prepared exclusively for the home version
  • Strategy that spreads by “Hyper Counter” that offsets enemy bullets and “Counter Laser” that pushes back the enemy’s laser
  • A battlefield with a sense of deja vu set in Tokyo in 2008
  • Simultaneous recording of “Black Label” with new system
  • Screen setting options that can be enjoyed in vertical mode

Pre-orders for the standalone, Steelbook Edition, and Collector’s Edition physical versions of DoDonPachi Resurrection for Switch open on September 2, 2022. Limited Run Games will be taking reservations here.

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