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Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X details its different modes

Posted on March 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Towards the end of last week, Bandai Namco published new details about Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X. We have a better idea about some of the modes.

In Ultimate Heroes Mode, players can enjoy an original story that’s only available in this game. It’s an adventure to rescue two worlds: the Dragon Ball Heroes world which has unusual events, and the real world which has also been affected To solve the unusual events happening in the Dragon Ball Heroes world, players will need to capture the Time-Space Door.

Countless incidents happen beyond the Time-Space Doors. They are split into stages where players have to solve each one.

You’re able to pick your own routes in a stage and move an icon one step at a time. By progressing through each icon, battles or story events will occur. The opponents in battles will change based on the chosen route. There are also special routes that can’t be reached by normal means, so players have to hone their skills to completely conquer every routes.

The deepest part of the stage has the source of the unusual event which needs to be exterminated. Characters can be met in the middle of routes and recruited into partners by defeating them in battles and have them recognize the player’s strength. Stages are not one-way and have branches including secret branches.

By progressing the story and solving incidents in Ultimate Heroes Mode, the Hero Stadium in the real world will become more realized and will have more menus. The real world is the place where you choose the menus.

A few menu options can be chosen at the Hero Stadium from the start. Arcade Mode, Ultimate Creation Mode, and Card Menu (construct decks and check collected cards) are available.

Ultimate Mission Mode is a new mode in which players can make their own missions using cards they’ve obtained. Missions can be shared in two ways: StreetPass or uploading to an online server. With missions, there is a popularity ranking.

In Ultimate Mission Mode, you start out by choosing card combinations you want to use. You can also set the strength level of each character and their movements in each round. Finish by setting the mission title and winning requirements.

You can set a mission to be shared via StreetPass, or upload it to the online server which can be accessed by users all over the country. Uploaded missions can be rated by users to be placed in rankings.

The final aspect of Ultimate Mission Mode is to play. Options here include:

– Random Battle: Challenge a random mission picked from the chosen difficulty level
– StreetPass Battle: Play missions obtained from StreetPass trades
– Popular Battle: Play missions shown in top rankings
– Battle Search: Search for missions with set criteria

Lastly, the screenshot shown above is Mr. Satan using the Kamehameha. This secret will be unveiled in the next information batch.

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