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Dragon Quest Builders 2 details and screenshots – Occulm Island, Builder Puzzles

Posted on October 22, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Square Enix has provided the latest batch of official details and screenshots for Dragon Quest Builders 2. Today’s update covers Occulm Island as well as Builder Puzzles. We’ve rounded up the news below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Occulm Island

– In order to make things out of metal, you will need ore ingredients such as copper and iron
– Difficult for the protagonist to do this alone
– The island’s ruffians are quite skilled when it comes to mining
– By leading them to lodes and building a bar to restore their spirits, you will be able to mine tons of ores with each passing day
– Clear the way through a tunnel blocked by rocks
– Lay down tracks to run a trolley throughout the mines
– Borrow the power of monsters to go even deeper underground
– The ruffians that make their way into the mines will mine you tons of ores
– By restoring the ruffians’ spirits at the bar, they will head into the mines again the following day

Builder Puzzles

– There are various small ruins scattered throughout the world where you can challenge “Builder Puzzles” that use the power of a builder
– Explore every inch of the world to take on the Builder Puzzles
– Something good may happen if you are able to solve them
– Figure out the rule of the cacti and complete it
– Puzzles have various mechanisms, such as switches that move blocks

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