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Fire Emblem Warriors: New details and screenshots showing off Male Corrin, Sakura, and Elise

Posted on September 7, 2017 by in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Screenshots, Switch

The official Japanese website for Fire Emblem Warriors has been updated again with some new information and screenshots showing off the game’s reinforcement systems and the the recently new announced characters Male Corrin, Sakura, and Elise.

Below is the new information for Fire Emblem Warriors translated, courtesy of Gematsu.

■ Characters

Corrin (Male) (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)

A young man who was brought up in Nohr while being of Hoshido blood. He has the power of a dragon hidden within him and fights using a sword called “Yato,” as well as possesses the special trait of turning into a dragon to attack. His attack motions and abilities are the same as Corrin (Female) (voiced by Satomi Sato).

Sakura (voiced by Hikiko Kanemoto)

The kind-hearted princess of Hoshido. She was separated from Fire Emblem Fates protagonist Corrin when she was a child. She attacks using a bow and has the ability to recover HP like Elise.

Elise (voiced by Ayaka Suwa)

The youngest of the four Nohrian royal siblings. She has a cheerful and innocent personality that shines brightly upon the gloomy kingdom. She is a Troubadour who fights riding a horse, can heal allies, and uses attack magic.

■ System

Use the materials and items you obtained to strengthen your heroes and weapons.


Use materials to strengthen your heroes. There are various effects depending on the emblems you acquire, including enhanced ability, increased combo count, skill acquisition, and more.


Transfer the special characteristics of one weapon to another weapon. Special effects, including specific effects and physical magic reversals, can also be transferred.

Finally, there were also more new images for Male Corrin, Sakura, and Elise posted on the Fire Emblem Warriors website. You can view them below in our gallery.


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