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Here’s a Podcast – Episode 3: Miiverse, Pachter, Sessler, and Smash Bros.

Posted on September 2, 2012 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

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In the third episode (fifth if you count the one I didn’t put up and the one I accidentally didn’t record!) of ‘Here’s a Podcast’, the people sitting around the iPad talk about New Super Mario Bros 2’s bad 3D, the Miiverse’s potential for success (or failure), potential new Smash Bros.¬†characters, and much more! It’s four people this week instead of three.


This weeks’ Top Ten List: Five characters we’d eliminate from Smash Bros. and five characters we’d add in. Hit the break for each of our lists, and listen to the full podcast for the complete discussion among a lot of nonsense.

Eliminate from the next Smash Bros.:

Laura: ROB, Game n Watch, Ike, Lucas, Diddy Kong

Aysha: Game n Watch, Diddy Kong, King Dedederr, Meta Knight, Olimar

Austin: Ike, Lucario, Mewtwo, Diddy Kong, Lucas, Snake

Jack: Wolf, Snake, Lucarius

Add to the next Smash Bros.:

Laura: Your Mii, Phoenix Wright, Gengar, EVERY POKEMON, Toon Zelda

Aysha: Roy (Fire Emblem), Tingle, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Banjo/Kazooie, Joseph-Gordon Levitt

Jack: Protagonist (Persona 4), Saki (Sin & Punishment), Gordon Freeman (Half Life), Dark Link, Shaq (Shaq-Fu), Megaman

Austin: Phoenix Wright, Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes), 8bit Megaman, Dark Gary (Nintendo Week)


Want to make your own list? The rules we followed were simply that the characters you choose to add must have been in a video game. That’s it. Have at it in the comments and I’ll be there too and stuff.

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