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Hyrule Warriors producer on mixing Zelda with Dynasty Warriors, Zelda being playable, more strong females in the game

Posted on June 16, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Polygon has published a few new quotes from Yosuke Hayashi, development producer of Hyrule Warriors. Hayashi discussed the mixture of the Zelda franchise and Dynasty Warriors series, and Zelda herself being playable in the game. Head past the break for his remarks.

“We look[ed] for actions, Zelda-like actions or actions that players would know from Zelda games and figure out ways to put them into what they’re doing within Hyrule Warriors. So they’re not puzzles, but you still want to open up a treasure chest. You don’t pick things up to take them to another place to solve a puzzle, but you can pick up a bomb and throw bombs. And we have the sounds that players are familiar with, little elements here and there that make it feel like a natural Zelda game, but gameplay-wise it still fits within the Dynasty Warriors franchise style.”

“Regarding the look of Zelda herself, she is a ruler. So we want to make sure she is seen as a strong character in that she needs to look like a ruler, she needs to feel like a ruler. So, [she has] what you might consider a stronger look for the character.”

“She is also a playable character here, so she needs to be able to go out and take out tons of enemies on her own. She needs to seem like a character they can do battle with.”

“For us, seeing her take shape like that and seeing her develop in that way, it didn’t feel strange, it felt really natural for her to, well of course she can fight like that. Of course she can do those things. So, we feel like maybe she always had that power, and now, with Hyrule Warriors, we’re giving her the chance to show off the power that she always had. So, I personally like strong, fighting women, and we’re happy to say there will be other characters like that, other strong female characters in the game.”


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