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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, 3D details

Posted on June 23, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, News

KH Re:Coded

– Developed so that more fans can play the game
– DS was chosen since many consumers have purchased it
– Also developed knowing that an analog stick wasn’t needed
– Same story as Coded
– Major changes aside from event scenes
– Targeted more towards casual gamers, but a difficulty setting will be available
– Design concept is a mix of Coded/358/2 Days/Birth by Sleep
– Birth by Sleep co-director overseeing the battle planning, same team working on map design
– Level-up system will be an expansion of the ideas from 358/2 Days
– Some multiplayer elements
– Unlock avatars that include characters from Birth by Sleep, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
– Secret movie will be included
– 80% complete

Kingdom Hearts 3D

– Completely new game
– Next stage of the franchise following Coded/358/2 Days/Birth by Sleep
– Play as Sora and Riku
– New worlds to visit
– A number of hints in Re:coded relating to 3D
– More info/announcement at E3 2011


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