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Kojima discusses Metal Gear Solid 3DS, mentions he only had 2 months to create the E3 demo

Posted on July 6, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Update: Added in a more understandable translation (thanks FB32!)

This information comes from a rough Google translated interview with Hideo Kojima…

“A sample of the 3DS game we showed at E3 was actually an experiment which combined MGS with a handheld that offers 3D. I’ve only had two months to create it. And that’s one reason why we have called it “The Naked Sample.” Having said that, I can assure you that the 3DS will definitely have its own version of MGS, making the most of “naked eye” 3D technology. But for now, I can not tell you what the final title will be.”

This makes it sound like we’ll see Metal Gear Solid on the 3DS eventually. It’s just a matter of what form it’ll take. Although, considering Kojima hasn’t had much time to work with the system, I wouldn’t expect the title to make it out for the 3DS’ launch.

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