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[Let’s Talk] Pokemon Switch hopes and dreams

Posted on April 28, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

There are many, many Switch games to look forward to, but there’s one in particular that’s a very big mystery. Announced at E3 last year, Pokemon is coming to the console in some fashion. Aside from the fact that it’s a core RPG experience, almost nothing is known.

Since little has been said about Pokemon’s first true experience on Switch, that leaves the doors open to endless possibilities. And hopes and dreams!

What are you expecting out of Pokemon on Switch? What’s a feature that you’d personally like to see? Do you believe it’ll launch this year or in 2019? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Which character do you want to see in Smash Bros. Switch?


Mechanica from ARMS! Best girl! Her abilities (hovering and super armor) could translate pretty well into Smash and I love using heavy fighters in Smash!

Or anyone from ARMS, really, but especially Mechanica, for me.

It would also be neat to have a Rhythm Heaven character join, although I’m less sure of how that would be implemented into a moveset.


Geno!! And Mallow

I wish for Waluigi, Banjo-Kazooie.

Weird Wishes: The Magikoopa (Kamek), Toad, King K Rool, and maybe Crash Bandicoot.


Reckon Dr. Eggman in his eggmobile could be a Bowser jr type clone – y’know if a moveset is too much work.

Also Professor Layton because he ruled over the DS for years and deserves some recognition!


Waluigi. Just give me Waluigi and I’ll be happy.

Ale’s Art

5 Most Wanted Smash Switch Characters :

#5 : Bandana Dee (Kirby Series)
I know we already have 3 Kirby reps in Smash Bros, But come on, Bandana dee has been a part of Kirby’s main friend group for 7/8 Years now, I think we’ve waited long enough. His Moveset could definitely be all of his moves from Return to Dreamland and Onward, but I’d like to see some moves from Basic Waddle Dee enemies appear as well. Just imagine him pulling out and umbrella or A Waddle doo Beam. His spear would definitely be his main way of attacking, as it’s his default weapon in all games (except of course Kirby Battle Royale) and could be different from a sword. I really want him in, Heck, they could make his final Smash a reference to A Star Allies Move or Something. I just really want him in.

#4 : Captain Toad (From The Mario Series)
We need a Toad in Smash, it’s long overdue. While most toads are just plain and simple, Captain Toad is actually a defined character in the Mario Canon. While he could use moves referencing other toads, I feel like his primary source of moves would be his hidden gem of a game : Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (its a really good game and I’m super happy it’s getting a switch port). Some of his attacks could involve Radishes as that would make a perfect projectile moves, his smash attacks could be him swinging around his pick axe, his side special could be a minecart dash. Diversity is not what’s missing for this little guy’s Moveset. Heck, his recovery could be the canon that he uses in some levels to get around. I just really want Captain Toad in Smash, he’d be Such a good fit.
(As a side note, I’d like to mention that a Toadette Skin could be possible for him)

#3 : Wonder Red (From Wonderful 101)
Now here’s a character that I wish had gotten into smash 4, but sadly was replaced by Bayonneta as the Platinum Games Rep. Platinum Games had a really healthy relashionship with Nintendo during the Dark Ages of the Wii U, creating some of the best games on the System, like Bayonneta 2 And The Wonderul 101. As it seems now more than ever that Nintendo will be good Buddies with Platinum for a while (seeing as though the Wonderful 101/Bayonneta Series are getting switch Ports and That Bayonneta 3 will be a switch) I think it’d b time for a bother Platinum Games character to make it into Smash. The One I want is Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101. While his basic attacks would be pretty normal (punches/ kicks) his special moves are where the unite morphs could come into play. Neutral B could be the Gun, Side-B is a Charge with the Arm. Actually the Arm And the Whip could make for good smash attacks) Down-B could be a complete Spin with the Whip and Up-B could be the Unite Glider. It’s pretty easy to think of a great fighter to make out fo Wonder Red. As he stands, he’d be pretty cool to have In Smash Bros, but what would be cooler, would be a Wonderful 101 Sequel. Platinum, seriously, get on That.

#2 : Karate Joe (Rhtyhm Heaven Series)
I’m gonna be frank Here, The Rhythm Heaven Series is pretty great. A bunch of music based mini games with easy controls and cool visuals, what’s not to love. I remember the days of smash 4 leaks, saying that the chorus kids would be playable. Of course, when those ended up being false, I was sad. But after dataminers discovered unused data for a Rhythm Heaven Character, I jumped in my chair with excitement. Now that smash 5 is coming, I’d really hope that Nintendo would go through with putting in a Rhythm Heaven Character. Karate Joe is already a fighter who punches and kicks for his normal moves, but his specials and Smash Attacks could all be references to other mini games. For a neutral B, he could have himself punching a pot or lightbulb across the screen or A him hitting a golf ball (with RNG éléments added to maybe hit a rock from time and time). For a Side-B, he could swing a badminton racket (deflecting projectiles). For an Up-B a see saw could appear, projecting him up into the air after the big on the other end lands. For a Down-B, Joe could Slam down onto the ground with a Fork and stun people for a few frames. Smash Attacks could be broken down to the samurai, a Sky Punch with Marshall and An Attack where you Punch a radish out of the Ground. Dodging could also be turning into the seals and rolling. (possible skin is Joe Sr.)

#1 : Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight Series)
Here it is, my most wanted Character for Smash since his game premiered on A Nintendo System. Shovel Knight would fit so well into smash, the potential is actually almost scary. His normal moves would mostly include his shovel strikes, with his Forward Smash including his charged shovel blade shining blue and haven the chip tune sound effect from the game. For aerials, I’d see his D-Air include a really neat pogo mechanic, not spiking like Link’s, but instead just doing more damage and bouncing Shovel Knight. Up-Air is a tricky one, ad he never strikes upward in his game with his shovel, but I thought of the anchor. Just like villager, one of his aerials would throw out a projectile, the anchor has an arc trajectory depending which way the Knight is Facing. Next, we move onto specials. His neutral-B, while the most probable is the flare Wand, a projectile with a straight trajectory, I’d love to see the Chaos Orb as his neutral special. A goopy Ball that acts kind of like Mario’s Fireball, but instead of fire effects, having a simple clean damage output. For a Side-B, I feel like either the Dust Knuckles or The Mobile Gear. The Knuckles would act as a simple strike move, but being able to go through opponents and have multiple strikes as long as there are still things that can be punched in front of Shovel Knight. The Mobile Gear would be really interesting, acting as a mobility tool that can cancel into a couple of things, Neutral/Down/Up-B, Forward/Up Smash Attacks, Normals And A Jump. One feature is that the Gear will only go in the direction it was first activated in. For A Recovery Move (Up-B), Shovel Knight could take out the Propeller Dagger, a Horizontal Recovery Move. Might need some vertical movement, but whatever, it’s the most likely move to be his recovery. And Finally, his Down-B. I had a lot of trouble figuring out what his Down Special Could Be, It was pretty hard, but I think I’ve got it. The Warhorn would be a fast startup surrounding Move with slow recovery frames. It’s best used to punish. Now, as the most wanted Character on my list, I will also be detailing Shovel Knight’s Grabs, Dodges And Final Smash. I hope to god that his grabs involves the fishing rod and digging the enemy up as if they were dirt. His dodges could involve him momentarily opening and closing the phase locket, which I th8nk would be pretty neat. And Finally, his final Smash. I’d be willing to bet my TF2 Inventory on Shovel Knights Final Smash Either being a team up Attack with Shield Knight or a Move where the Order Of No Quarter Shows Up to the living Dirt out of the opposing player.

So yeah, that’s my list. Tell me what you think, I’d love to see more Move suggestions from other people.

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