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More details from the Splatoon GDC 2018 panel

Posted on March 21, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Splatoon 2

Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami just wrapped up his panel at GDC 2018. Aside from showing some very interesting development images, Nogami also spoke about user trends, development, and more.

We’ve rounded up the latest information below:

– Splatoon is very popular on weekends
– Weekday metrics are good but are even better during summer break
– The game took a dip during the release of Super Mario Odyssey
– One important part of Splatfests are that they bring people together, even if they don’t play the game
– Nogami wants family and friends to debate the topics such as ketchup vs mayo
– Splatoon 2 began development during the update period for Splatoon 1; was in the works before the Switch was announced
– The most important things to Nogami with Spatoon 2: screen layout, player base, giving new players a special experience
– Many challenges were encountered with developing this game
– They also had no idea how much the Switch would even sell or if it would be successful
– They also wanted both newcomers an veterans alike to have the same exact experience in Splatoon 2
– One way to do this was by adding content in real time
– Nogami wanted Splatoon 2 to have a way to get newcomers into the series with the story mode, internally known as “Hero Mode”
– They also wanted fans to be able to connect with the characters they love
– Every single gameplay mode in Splatoon 2 is meant to feel like a cycle; Salmon Run rewards can be used in multiplayer and vice versa
– The game comprises a full cycle in story, gameplay and how it is executed
– Splatoon was envisioned as a “dynamic experience encapsulated by its ability to evolve and change over time for players opposed to static piece of software.”
– With Octo Expansion, Nintendo wants it to expand on the characters and lore
– The Octolings will now join the society of squids
– Yoshi was originally the main character of Splatoon
– Nogami teases a Squid Sisters concert in the US; “The Squid Sisters are hoping an opportunity like that can come around”
– Nogami states that he feels events relating to the game in real life also tie into the world of Splatoon; discusses his love for the fan art and fiction made
– Seeing the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook appear in art and concerts is like watching a child growing up
– Discussing Splatoon Koshien and its vast diversity in both age, families and even a group of four moms, as well as a team made up of four generations of family; over 8,000 players at the event
– Nogami is more than pleased to see people of all ages and backgrounds creating tournaments, especially as a developer
– Nogami finds creating lasting memories in games very important: “This may be you with games you have created or will create one day”
– Nogami’s goal is to show people how great our medium is

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