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Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists – details and screenshots on secrets to town-building

Posted on November 2, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists has received a new batch of details and screenshots covering the secrets to town-building. Find the content below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Interactions with Legendary Characters Influence Town-Building

– Game lets you develop your friendship level with the characters that come to town as residents through means such as visitations
– Each character has various strengths and weaknesses
– These include gathering in the field or selling items
– Build up your town while considering the details of requested work and its compatibility with the townspeople
– The schedule-in-progress screen shows what sort of work is currently happening in the town
– After the work week comes to an end, the various results of the week will be presented
– Check and use the results to better build your town the next week
– Total population, budget, and assets of the town, plus the outcome of the actions performed during the work week are also displayed in the weekly results, including the number materials acquired, items produced, item sales, and so on
– Residents who gained a lot of experience through activities such as earning high income will be displayed as MVPs
– The higher their rank, the greater their friendship level will rise

Mix and Match Residents with Facilities for Proper Town-Building

– Entrust the characters that become residents to the management of facilities, such as a shop assistant who handles requests
– Residents have strengths and weaknesses suited for each facility, so there is an aptitude level you will have to pay attention to
– The efficiency of town-building changes depending on which residents are entrusted to which facilities
– Ex: the expected number of sales of a Sterk with high aptitude for grocery stores is six, while the expected number of sales for a still low aptitude Keina is two
– Aptitude rises with each resident’s level

Befriend Residents to Make Town-Building More Fun

– Befriend the residents to increase friendship levels
– Increase benefits include being able to construct a “landmark” facility tied to that character, the activation of special events, and an increase in skills useful for town-building
– Friendship level rises through means such as post-work week evaluations and day-off visits, and completing requests from that character
– Some skills can also be learned by increasing friendship level
– Learn skills that increase your stats and settle on powerful special moves

The Townscape Drastically Changes with the Facilities You Build

– You choose which area you build which facilities, and how you create the layout of the town
– Ex: build a lot of agricultural facilities such as fields to develop the basic village into a town with an idyllic atmosphere
– Depending on your abilities, Westwald can take on various forms
– Can renovate previously constructed facilities to ones of higher grade

Cooperative Synthesis: The Key to the Story

– The “Granzweit Tree” is said to be somewhere in Westwald
– The legendary alchemists will help you find the relic of the Sage, which is said to be difficult to find
– Cooperate with specific combinations of alchemists to perform cooperative synthesis that differs from regular synthesis
– This cooperative synthesis is the key to advancing the story
– Clear conditions like gathering materials and synthesizing specific items to cooperate to perform new research
– Friendship level is a prerequisite for cooperative synthesis
– While cooperating with the alchemists, Nelke and company will unravel the mystery of the Granzweit Tree

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