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NEO: The World Ends with You details and screenshots – characters, systems, shops, restaurants, more

Posted on May 14, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

NEO: The World Ends with You

Square Enix has dropped a ton of new details and screenshots for NEO: The World Ends with You. Today’s update covers various aspects of the game, including characters, systems, shops, restaurants, and more.

Here’s the full roundup, courtesy of Gematsu

The Reapers’ Game

– The Reapers’ Game unfolds in the UG (Underground), a different dimension which bears a striking resemblance to the real world
– The Players of the Game form teams and aim to complete missions set out by the Game Master, Shiba
– The nature of these missions ranges from solving puzzles to defeating enemies known as Noise, and teams may even find themselves fighting their peers for control of the ‘Buya in citywide turf wars
– The Game lasts for seven days
– It is said that the team who racks up the most points over the course of the week will have their wish granted
– The unlucky team who ends up in last is forced to face erasure
– In the Reapers’ Game, it’s all for one and one for all

Turf Wars: Scramble Slams

– One kind of mission assigned in the Reapers’ Game is the Scramble Slam, a citywide turf war that has teams vying for control of various areas around town
– Erase all the orange Turf Noise or take down the rival team members in an area to claim that location as your own
– In Scramble Slams, the fun lies in not only gaining control of an area, but also in defeating swarms of enemies to earn even more Scramble Points and exchange them for even better rewards
– Chain together battles with regular Noise to max out your point-earning potential


– Known as the “strongest team,” everything else about them is shrouded in mystery: The Ruinbringers

Susukichi (voiced by Max Udell in English, Natsuki Hanae in Japanese)

– A Player in the Reapers’ Game, and a member of the Ruinbringers
– While his impressive physique gives off an intimidating air, Susukichi is actually a bit of a chatterbox, rambling in his surprisingly high voice
– Like the discs in beloved Reversi, he views the world in black and white

Tsugumi (voiced by Ciara Riley Wilson in English, Yuka Ozaki in Japanese)

– A Player in the Reapers’ Game
– Although she is a member of the Ruinbringers, she barely interacts with others and does not talk to anyone
– Contrary to her waify appearance, she possesses powerful psychic abilities and a perfect record against other Players
– The stuffed animal she carries resembles the mascot of Gatto Nero, a new brand that’s all the rage in Shibuya
– Her plush pal apparently predates the establishment of said brand

Deep Rivers Society

– A group of river enthusiasts whose game-plan is to survive by being cautious and steady-going: the Deep Rivers Society

Fuya (voiced by Adam Gold in English, Yoshiki Nakajima in Japanese)

– A Player in the Reapers’ Game who got sucked into the action while taking a stroll in search of Shibuya’s most exquisite culverts
– Despite being the de facto leader of the Deep Rivers Society, he is quite cowardly and not one to normally take charge
– His aversion to conflict is the reason he’s managed to avoid dropping out of the game so far, so his “flight-over-fight” approach has served him surprisingly well
– He holds a store-bought map of the city in which he’s hand-marked his favorite culverts

Characters: Variabeauties

– The super-stylish team with a passion for fashion and a skilled negotiator at the helm: the Variabeauties

Kanon (voiced by Xanthe Huynh in English, Sumire Uesaka in Japanese)

– A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Variabeauties
– Both kind and captivating, Kanon gives “Rindy” and his teammates a crash course in the rules of the Game
– Her beauty also belies a cunning side that reveals itself when the situation warrants
– What she lacks in impressive psychic powers, she more than makes up for in wisdom, which has helped her survive the Game thus far

Characters: Purehearts

– The social media-savvy team taking the game by storm and using their positive thinking as a weapon: the Purehearts

Motoi (voiced by Nick Thurston in English, in Japanese)

– A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Purehearts
– His winning smile and poetic platitudes give off good vibes only, even though his superficiality and frequent use of “fancy” words can rub some people the wrong way
– His magnetic personality has proven quite attractive, amassing him a large number of followers

System: Threads

– Rindo and his teammates can increase their HP (Health Points), ATK (Attack) and DEF (Defence) by wearing threads
– There are five categories of fashion items you can equip: headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories
– Threads have abilities that are useful in battle
– If the character equipping an item has enough Style, its ability will be activated and its effect unleashed
– Spruce up your fashion sense and unlock the true power of the threads
– There are no restrictions when it comes to equipping threads
– Some abilities will only activate when the corresponding item is equipped by a specific character


– The city of Shibuya is dotted with a wide variety of shops
– Over 40 establishments to visit, with some selling threads and pins, some providing delicious food and drink, and some offering collectibles like CDs and books
– Each shop attendant is unique, and they reveal a little more of their personality with each visit
– Stop by a shop often enough and you might even earn yourself some VIP perks
– Look for SHOP icons to find places where you can shop and eat
– You can also enjoy shopping at stores which exist in the real world such as Taiseido and Tower Records
– Pay with the contactless payment system “ShibuPay”
– Sell the pins you gain during battle to top up your balance

Shops and Brands

– The style of clothes and accessories in fashion shops changes with each brand
– The number of products will increase as you progress through the story and meet various conditions
– Over 270 types of fashion items
– Top o’ Topo: Cute and girly clothes that are popular with younger crowds; has its main store in Harajuku and another branch in Shibuya
Joli becot: sexy yet stylish brand for women that also features some cool pieces for men; sometimes called “JB” for short
– Tigre Punks: Long-standing punk fashion brand beloved throughout Shibuya; their edgy designs are tough in many ways


– Choose from a variety of dining options like guilty fast food pleasures, succulent meat dishes, healthy veggie soups, and parfaits packed with cream and fruit
– Eating improves your basic stats and is essential for Rindo and his teammates’ growth
– Over 90 types of food
– Rindo and his teammates’ reactions during food scenes in the restaurants are also a treat
– Their moods are different when they eat something they like versus when they eat something they don’t

System: Remind

– Fret’s unique psych, Remind, jogs people’s memories and helps them to remember things they have forgotten
– A minigame will start when Remind is activated
– Tilt the left and right sticks in the correct positions to reassemble the scattered memory
– Put all the pieces in the right place to complete the reminder


– Rindo and his teammates travel to all corners of the Shibuya area over the course of the Reapers’ Game
– Revisit familiar spots from the previous game such as Tipsy Tose Hall, and discover new locations like Shibuya Stream and the iconic Takeshita Street


– Classical Cacophany: pin that enables the use of “dart bombs,” which shoots arrows that explode after a short time; by shooting a certain number of arrows quickly, a large explosion will occur immediately
– ShoGun: Void: the “entanglement,” which generates a chain in a straight line that damages and restrains the enemies it touches, plays nice with other psychs
– The Great Volancic Escape: Set a timed explosive at your feet with the “Time Bomb” psych; figure out when to detonate the bomb and follow up with an attack

NEO: The World Ends with You launches for Switch on July 27.

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