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New Destiny Connect details on story, character, Issac, and more

Posted on March 14, 2019 by (@Sonicb00m111) in News, Switch

Nippon Ichi has released a slew of new information and screenshots for Destiny Connect, which is now available in Japan.

The details this time around take a deep dive into the character Sherry’s family, a few systems within the game, and a new form of Isaac.

All of the information has been translated by Gematsu below.

■ Story Summary

The story is set in Clocknee, a town with a long history.

Sherry, a girl who lives in Clocknee, goes out with her moth to see the fireworks together at the New Year’s festival known as “Soulman Fes.” The moment the new year finally arrives, the people of the city mysteriously and simultaneously stop moving.

Destiny Connect

Destiny Connect
Destiny ConnectSherry and Pegreo, who were fortunate enough to escape the frozen time, run into the old scientist Dr. Cheatstein, who understands that the cause of this incident can be found in the past. With that, Sherry departs for a past version of Clocknee with the robot Isaac her father left behind.

But robots that are hostile to humans will stand before Sherry and friends. What end will this adventure reach? Play the game to find out!

Destiny Connect

Destiny Connect
Destiny Connect■ Characters


Destiny ConnectSherry’s father. He has been busy with work and away from home for the past half-year or so. He was supposed to come home at the end of the year, but…

Destiny ConnectMama

Destiny ConnectSherry’s mother. When she goes out with Sherry to watch the New Year’s fireworks, they are attacked by robots and separated from each other.

Destiny ConnectGrandma

Destiny ConnectSherry’s grandma. She runs a cafe in Clocknee. Homemade cherry pie is their signature dish.

Destiny ConnectStatus Max

Destiny ConnectThe leader of the robots and hostile towards humans. It is based on various electrical appliances such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Strengthening

Equip an “Amp”

Destiny Connect“Amps” are equipment only usable by human characters like Sherry. Equipping an amp can amplify the user’s attack power, defense power, recovery rate, accuracy rate, or HP. Up to two amps can be equipped per character. Make up for your weak points, or amplify your strong points as you mix and match amps according to your play style.

—You can freely replace the amp.

Destiny Connect—Amps can be purchased at the store. As you progress through the game, stronger amps will appear.

Destiny ConnectStrengthen Skills with “Skill Solvents”

Destiny ConnectSkills have levels, and increasing a skill’s level also increases its power. By using Skill Solvents dropped by defeated enemies, you can raise a skill’s level. Use them when you find them!

—Skill Solvents can be obtained as battle rewards.

Destiny Connect—The higher the skill level, the more Skill Solvents required to increase the level.

Destiny Connect■ Game System: Modding

Isaac, a robot, can utilize various battle systems by changing “Form.” The key to getting through the game is to utilize Isaac’s different forms based on the battle situation and enemies. Here are the four forms introduced so far, as well as one new form.

Guardian Form

Destiny ConnectIsaac’s basic form. A steel guardian that protects everyone with its heavy armor. It is a bit bad at avoiding attacks.

Destiny ConnectRescue Form

Destiny ConnectA kind rescue squad member who heals wounded party members and eliminates all threats. He is sure to help you out in a pinch.

Destiny ConnectOutlaw Form

Destiny ConnectA gun expert whose high accuracy enables him to take out enemies without chance for escape. As his mustache and leaf whistle suggest, this Isaac is a lone bounty hunter.

Destiny ConnectChampion Form

Destiny ConnectA speed fighter who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. While his evasion rate and attack power are high, his defense power is rather low.

Destiny ConnectBushido Form (New)

Destiny ConnectAn armored warrior who puts his all into a single strike. His accuracy rate and defense power are low, but he has the best attack power of any form.

—Skill: “Asura”

Teaches all party members the art of two consecutive attacks, making it possible to attack twice in one turn.

Destiny Connect—Skill: “Slash of Imperial Wrath”

Unleashes a deadly spinning slash on a single enemy.

Destiny Connect??? Form (New)

This is Isaac’s sixth form, which Isaac can transform into by acquiring “certain materials” in the game. Its stats are well-balanced, and it possesses skills that can consist of both attack and defense. It may take some time to acquire, but when you do, it will surely be useful!

—Both this unknown form’s performance and design make an impact. Be sure to check it out for yourself by playing the game!

Destiny Connect

Destiny Connect■ Town Introduction

Clocknee is a town with its own unique culture. Here we will introduce some of the town’s attractions.

Soulman Fes

The Soulman Fes is held from December 31 to January 1 in Clocknee to bring in the new year. The festival began 30 years ago to honor the hero that saved the town, Soulman. You can watch a magnificent fireworks show from the town’s central street, as well as enjoy an open air concert in the Clocknee town plaza.

Destiny ConnectForgotten Castle

A castle built on a lake and one of the tourist atttractions of Clocknee. On December 31, lanterns float into the night sky to welcome the new year.

Destiny ConnectBuckinford District

An area with a classical townscape located on the west side of Clocknee. With an arcade and plenty of tall buildings, it is something like a maze. Be careful not to get lost!

Destiny Connect

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