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Pokemon GO update rolling out with changes to the appraisal system and more

Posted on July 15, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Pokemon GO has received a new update. Android users can now access version 0.149.0, and iOS players should be seeing the patch soon.

The main highlight of the update – at least in terms of what’s immediately available – involves changes to the appraisal system. Here’s the rundown:

– This system works similar to the IV Judge element in Pokemon Sun/Moon
– You can see the three stats the Pokemon has with a three bars for each stat
– The more the three bars are filled, the higher the IV
– With this, there are also buttons to the left and right to let you skip between Pokemon
– It also showcases if a Pokemon is large and where it was caught
– If a Pokemon has perfect IVs, it gets a red stamp

Outside of the appraisal system, other additions and changes include:

– Confirms battles with Team GO Rocket grunts
– Capture Shadow Pokemon that they leave behind
– Battle Minigames are also mentioned using Charged Attack gameplay
– UI change to Trainer Battles grouping things together for each Pokemon, showcasing the amount of Pokemon and Shields left and the current Pokemon’s CP
– New attack button has been moved back down to beneath the list of Pokemon’s attacks
– You can also now search for male, female and genderless Pokemon in the Pokemon list

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