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Puzzle & Dragons X details, screenshots, art

Posted on January 21, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

GungHo Online Entertainment has published a new round of details, screenshots, and art for Puzzle & Dragons X. Find some screenshots and details (courtesy of Siliconera) below.

– Puzzle system is the same as Puzzle & Dragons Z
– New game system and characters
– More RPG elements where you walk around and explore dungeons
– Dungeons have random encounters
– The protagonist will fight alongside the monsters for the puzzle battles
– This is different from the previous game
– Switch to the “Capture Board” during battle in order to acquire material for your “Soul Armor” by defeating enemies after filling up a monster’s “Capture Gauge”
– Soul Armors: equipment with the allied monsters’ power in it
– This can be equipped by the protagonist
– Soul Armors can change the protagonist’s appearances
– Also have its own Leader Skills
– Soul Armors are made with different material
– Made at the “Soul Armor Store” in town
– The protagonist’s partner Tamazo will help out throughout the adventure
– Tamazo has the power to transform into other monsters and use their abilities


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