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Root Letter: Last Answer details and screenshots

Posted on September 27, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Following the reveal in this week’s issue of Famitsu, Kadokawa Games has officially announced Root Letter: Last Answer. The news comes with the first batch of details and screenshots. Find everything rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– Latest entry in the Root Letter series, which has sold more than 400,000 copies worldwide
– Implementation of a live-action “Drama Mode” featuring a cast of 90 actors
– Human drama woven within the beautiful townscape of Shimane Prefecture is told with greater realism
– Immersive story experience similar to watching a TV drama
– Includes four “Resolution” scenarios set after the story of the original game
– Enjoy the unexpected conclusion to the mysterious drama spun by protagonist Max and pen pal Aya Fumino’s correspondence
– Six functionality improvements requested by users have been implemented

A Live-Action “Drama Mode” that Reproduces the Beautiful Scenery of Shimane Prefecture with a Cast of 90 Actors

– Live-action “Drama Mode” that faithfully reproduces every location and character that appears in the game with a cast of 90 actors
– By realistically reproducing the beautiful scenery of Shimane Prefecture and the people that live there, the human drama story of Root Letter that depicts the youthful regrets everyone holds and those trying to overcome them can be enjoyed as if watching a TV drama
– Game has an “Original Mode” in which you can enjoy the Taro Minoboshi-illustrated versions of the game’s charming characters and scenic beauty of Shimane Prefecture from the previous game

Game Flow

– Exploration and investigation parts with Drama Mode (live-action) and Original Mode (illustrations)
– Event scenes with Drama Mode (live-action)
– Live-action and illustration options for exploration and investigation

Ako Yamamoto

– She worked as the center of the school girl idol group Cerisier, selected from among 10,000 applicants in the spring 2017 Dream Idol Audition

Moa Tsukino

– She took first place in Oricon’s indies female idol category and mobilized a solo performance for 15,000 people at the Saitama Super Arena
– Her talents cross many fields, from idol to voice actor, bassist, and karate

Saki Miyamoto

– A cosplayer, personality, model, and more who does a wide variety of work both inside and outside of Japan
– Also works as producer for the cosplayer brand L’erable

Arisa Noto

– Has activities as a voice actor
– Also sings and dances
– Even does choreography and motion acting

Four “Resolution” Scenarios that Depict the Story After the Original Game

– Additional scenario called “Resolution” that depicts the “afterstory” of the endings to each of the four possible stories that branch based on the player’s choices
– The surprising truth about the legendary girl Aya Fumino, and a heartwarming sequel for the protagonist Max and classmates will be told with beautiful scene depiction
– “Resolution” scenario can also be enjoyed in either Drama Mode or Original Mode

Six Functionality Improvements That Make Enjoying the Story a More Comfortable Experience

– Six heavily requested functionality improvements were implemented
– Players can now experience every route with comfort through revisions to route branching conditions and improvements to the skip function that make multiple playthroughs more smoothly
– Route Branching Condition Improvements: Every ending, except for the “True Ending (Marriage Route)” can be attained from the first playthrough
– Skip Functionality Improvements: Skip points on and after the second playthrough have been revised, further shortening the time necessary for multiple playthroughs
– Route Clear Icon Improvements: The icon display in the “Menu” screen has been changed to make it easier to understand if each route has been cleared
– Item UI Improvements: Changes have been made to display the items you have on-hand at a glance when using the “Inventory” command
– Response Improvements: Some direction of the exploration and investigation parts have been revised, and response has been improved

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