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Have you ever wanted to use the Xbox One S controller on Switch? With the 8Bitdo USB Adapter, that’s now possible. A firmware update just added in the functionality yesterday.

The new update also makes an adjustment to PS4 controller vibration. You can find the full patch notes below.


Without much fanfare, a couple of 8Bitdo’s controllers received a firmware update. Version 1.25 is out now for the SN30 and SF30 Pro.

You can download the new firmware here. According to the official patch notes, the accuracy of analog on SWITCH mode has been enhanced.


8Bitdo has prepared a new update for its SN30/SF30 Pro Controllers. For both pieces of hardware, the firmware can be upgraded to version 1.23.

Below are the full update notes:

– Enhanced vibration optimisation on Xinput mode.
– Added USB connection to Mac mode.
– Fixed the bug that the controller would not turn on occasionally.
– Press and hold L+R and then plug in USB cable to update the controller if it does not power on.


The 8Bitdo Retro Receiver came out last year. It allows you to play the NES wirelessly with the original mode, the Analogue Nt, and other aftermarket NES systems. The device is also compatible with any 8Bitdo controller or arcade stick, as well as wireless next-gen controllers.

With the release of the Super NES Classic Edition (and Super Famicom version), you’ll be happy to hear that the Retro Receiver now supports the device. The firmware was updated to version 1.07 today to add in the functionality. You can grab the latest version here.


8Bitdo has two new controllers in the pipeline for the Super NES Classic Edition. They come in two variants: SNES and Super Famicom.

Both controllers feature 2.4G wireless technology and a rechargeable lithium ion battery built in. 8Bitdo says it’s the “highest quality retro controller available, designed with attention and care”. You’ll receive the controller, 2.4G receive, and a USB cable with a purchase.

These controllers ship in December. You can pre-order the SNES design here and the Super Famicom version here.

8Bitdo has two new controllers in the pipeline: the SN30 and SF30. Both are based on the SNES and Super Famicom controllers.

The two controllers work with Switch, macOS, and Android. They feature rumble vibration, motion controls, bluetooth, USB-C connectivity, and d-input and x-input functionality.

The SN30 controller is up on Amazon here. You can also pre-order the SF30 here. They should be out on December 10.


The retro-style controller company 8Bitdo has launched a firmware update for their wireless controllers that makes them compatible with Switch. So now we can buy a wireless SNES controller from them and use it to play Ultra Street Fighter II, for example.

These will be a really great addition for when Nintendo releases their plans for Virtual Console on Switch. Keep in mind that these controllers can also be used with Windows, Mac, Steam, iOS and the NES Classic Edition if we have the right cable.



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