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Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive May 2022 Switch eShop sale

Annapurna Interactive is currently hosting a new sale on the North American Switch eShop. Just over a dozen titles are on sale, including Ashen, Gone Home, Kentucky Route Zero, and Sayonara Wild Hearts. Fans can save up to 70 percent.

The full lineup of deals included in the May 2022 Switch eShop sale from Annapurna is as follows:

Annapurna Interactive has long been one of my favorite publishers with a catalog that’s unrivaled thanks to some of the most unique and memorable games the medium has seen. I’ve always said they’re the video game equivalent of what A24 is to film, and their ability to consistently bring together and showcase talent from a wide array of indie developers is what will always make them stand out within the industry. It’s no surprise then that they’d once again work together with the ever-evolving, consummate artistry that makes of the foundation of Ben Esposito’s creative intellect for his new Switch game, Neon White. With credits under his belt showcasing works across What Remains of Edith Finch, Tattletail, and Donut County, it’s clear that there’s no way to describe his work other than eclectic and forward-thinking, and with our recent invitation to see him personally present Neon White to journalists, it’s clear that the game is set to be another big hit with a game that’s as exciting and refreshing as it is fast and flashy.

The Pathless

The Pathless has never released – yet alone been announced – for Switch, but that could be changing at some point in the future.

Over on the ESRB website, a classification listing was added to the database. It’s a brand new rating, and a Switch-specific one at that.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Cloisters Interactive have readied a launch trailer for A Memoir Blue. It provides a final look at the their new interactive poem, which just came to Switch.

We have a bit of additional information about A Memoir Blue in this overview:

Artful Escape gameplay

Gameplay has come in for the Switch version of The Artful Escape, which debuted earlier this week. 19 minutes of footage is available.

We have more information about The Artful Escape in the overview below.

A Memoir Blue, an interactive poem from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Cloisters Interactive, has been delayed. The two sides confirmed that the game will now release on March 24, 2022.

A Memoir Blue was announced for Switch last July. In December, it received a February 10 release date. We’re looking at a delay by just over a month.

More information about the game can be found below. 

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape is making the jump to Switch, publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Beethoven & Dinosaur just announced. It’s just a few days away with the launch date set for January 25.

The Artful Escape originally debuted last September, but only on Xbox platforms and PC. Annapurna is now gearing up for release on new systems.

A Memoir Blue release date

A Memoir Blue, which was first announced back in July, now has a release date. Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Cloisters Interactive revealed today that the game is slated for a February 10, 2022 launch.

If you’re interested in learning more about A Memoir Blue, check out the following overview:

Twelve Minutes gameplay

Gameplay has come in for Twelve Minutes, the interactive thriller that just landed on Switch today. We have 24 minutes of footage.

For more on Twelve Minutes, read the following overview:

Twelve Minutes

The interactive thriller Twelve Minutes is making the jump to Switch, publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer
Luis Antonio have confirmed. Look for it on December 7.

Twelve Minutes, a real-time top-down game with an accessible click and drag interface, features actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. The game “blends the dream-like tension of The Shining with the claustrophobia of Rear Window and the fragmented structure of Memento.”

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