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Awesome Games Studio

Super Cute Alien's Adventure

Awesome Games Studio is putting Super Cute Alien’s Adventure on Switch next month, the company announced today. The title is slated for launch on April 7, 2023.

Super Cute Alien’s Adventure is a 2D platformer in which players take on the role of Oozi, an alien spaceship pilot who crash-landed on planet Earth, lost his space suit, and needs to find his way home. We have more information below.

Fury Unleashed physical

Publisher Meridiem Games has revealed that it’s teaming up with Awesome Games Studio on a physical release of Fury Unleashed for Switch in Europe, known as the “Bang!! Edition”. It will be available as a boxed title starting September 29, 2022.

Meridiem Games will be in charge of the design, manufacture, and distribution of the Fury Unleashed: Bang!! Edition across European specialist retailers. All copies feature a specially designed cover emulating the pages of a comic book (one of the main features of the game) and an exclusive Hive Queen Boss keychain.

Awesome Games Studio’s comic-book roguelite Fury Unleashed has received a major update. It’s highlighted by two new guest appearance game modes: Crypt of the NecroDancer and Superhot.

Here’s the full rundown:

Fury Unleashed, a combo-driven roguelite platformer, is out now on Switch. Get a look a the game’s launch trailer below.

Fury Unleashed can be purchased on Switch via the eShop.

Fury Unleashed, the action-platformer from Awesome Games Studio, has been dated for Switch. It’ll launch via the eShop on May 8, the developer announced today.

Here’s an overview of Fury Unleashed, along with a trailer:

Awesome Games Studio published a new trailer today for the upcoming action-platformer Fury Unleashed. We’ve included it below.

Awesome Games Studio has readied a new trailer for The Badass Hero, an upcoming rogue-lite action-platformer for Switch. Watch it below.

Awesome Games Studio released its new game I, Zombie on Switch this week. Take a look at the launch trailer below.

It’s been a busy day for Switch indie announcements, and the news continues with an update from Awesome Games Studio. The company has confirmed that its upcoming project Badass Hero will be released on the platform.

Badass Hero is a rogue-lite action-platformer which takes place in a comic book universe. You can look forward to fast-paced hit-and-run gameplay as well as procedurally generated levels and random items.

Continue on below for some additional information about Badass Hero, plus a couple of trailers.

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