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Bandai Namco

Many fans were curious as to why the upcoming One Piece Unlimted World Red had an original story rather than something closer to the original series. Producer Koji Nakajima sat down with the folks over at Siliconera to go over the thought process behind that and a few other aspects of development, here’s a summary:

  • Re-writing parts of the One Piece storyline was exciting for him from the perspective as a fan
  • Nakajima wanted every One Piece game he produces to focus on a side story or certain arc, to further explore the game’s universe
  • After all characters for the game had been created, they are tweaked to be consistent within the One Piece universe
  • He wanted the game to feel like adventuring as Luffy and living the adventurous life of a pirate
  • That meant not just focusing on battling, but fishing and other elements
  • With the Red update, the emphasis on battling was re-focused with the additional of the coliseum along with characters Boa Hancock and Trafalgar Law
  • The game has giant boss battles and Nakajima said the Red Dragon fight was one of his favourites
  • Unsure what’s next for the series, but contemplating releasing One Piece Unlimited Cruise in North America (previously only released in Europe)


Bandai Namco has released the first screenshots from Majin Bone 3DS, as well as the game’s boxart. It’s due out in Japan on October 9 for 5,690 yen.