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Blaster Master

Blaster Master launched on the North American Wii U Virtual Console this week. An hour of footage has been posted below.

Nintendo’s website is listing Blaster Master for release on the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. The game will be sold for $4.99.

Here’s the official overview:

Jason, in search of his pet frog named Fred, has fallen down a manhole into a world of danger. Mutant-sized creatures of which the likes he never imagined, await him at every turn. In order to survive, Jason must pair up with an armored combat vehicle codenamed SOPHIA. It’s panic or perish as you blast through an endless maze of tunnels, seeking secret passages for an escape. Destroy the Plutonium Boss and his mutant cronies before these warlords destroy the Earth. Load up your arsenal, and get ready for the final encounter!

Blaster Master previously came to the North American 3DS Virtual Console last July.


Listings on Nintendo’s website confirm two new Virtual Console games for the North American Virtual Console. Ufouria: The Saga will be available for Wii U while Blaster Master is hitting 3DS. Both are due out tomorrow.

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