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bugsnax gameplay

Bugsnax is now here on Switch, and we’ve got a lengthy gameplay video. Nearly a half hour of footage has surfaced.

More information about Bugsnax can be found in the following overview:

Bugsnax and The Isle of Bigsnax trailer

Young Horses has readied a new trailer for Bugsnax’s new The Isle of Bigsnax content. The main game is out today on Switch today along with the extra stuff.

Here’s some information about Bugsnax and The Isle of Bigsnax:

Bugsnax Switch vs. PC comparison

We posted the first screenshots from the Switch version of Bugsnax last week, and we now have a few comparison images showing how the game stacks up to the PC version.

Overall, Young Horses seems to have done an admirable job with the game on Nintendo’s console. The visuals are overall quite similar, but the resolution has been lowered on Switch. Right now players can expect Bugsnax to run at 720p on the hybrid system at 30 frames per second.

Bugsnax Switch

Bugsnax was announced for Switch this week, but Young Horses hadn’t shared any Switch-specific assets. That changes now thanks to first screenshots. A few images have now popped up on the eShop showing what to expect from the Switch edition.

Here’s some information about Bugsnax:

Bugsnax physical

Bugsnax, which was just announced for Switch today, has already been confirmed for physical release. Fangamer has announced plans to produce a boxed version of the game on Nintendo’s console.

Each copy of Bugsnack for Switch will contain a copy of the game, activity sheet, sticker sheet, field guide, and discount on Fangamer merchandise.


Young Horses is bringing Bugsnax to Switch, the developer revealed today. Nintendo’s console is getting the game on April 28, 2022.

Bugsnax earned a lot of attention when it first debuted at the end of 2020. We have a bunch of information about the adventure game below.

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