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An animated series based on the upcoming game Mighty. No 9 is on the way, Keiji Inafune announced at Anime Expo 2014 today. It is scheduled to debut in Q2 2016.

Inafune debuted a trailer for the show, and you can find a few off-screen images from the video above. He was quick to note that all Kickstarter funds are only going towards the game, and not the animated series.

Digital Frontier is handling the Mighty No. 9 series. The company has previously been involved with the Yakuza and Tekken games, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Vanquish, and more. Digital Frontier also worked on films like Resident Evil: Damnation.

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Since Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter launched, we’ve been hearing about a planned release for Spring 2015. Thankfully, the game’s development remains right on track. Mighty No. 9’s work-in-progress gameplay video reconfirms that Comcept and Inti Creates hope to have the title out in spring of next year.


A new batch of Azure Striker Gunvolt details have popped up online. You can find them rounded up below, as translated by Siliconera.


– Once again, the game’s story focuses on the concept of “psychic powers”
– Psychic powers are basically mutant abilities
– In the near future, people possessing these psychic powers emerged
– People initially feared them
– The conglomerate Sumeragi Group took it upon themselves to supervise them and maintain peace
– Sumeragi are actually running a concentration camp for psychics
– Here, they experiment on their psychic prisoners
– The organization QUILL was created to combat the Sumeragi Group
– QUILL is a subdivision of a foreign human rights organization that is dedicated to protecting psychics, and Gunvolt himself is part of this group


– One of QUILL’s founding members
– Team leader
– Skilled marksman
– Uses a sniper rifle
– Displays no emotion while on the job, but his passion for QUILL’s cause is well known among those that look up to him
– Rescued Gunvolt from a Sumeragi facility where he underwent terrible experiments
– Thought of as a teacher and father by Gunvolt


– “life of the party” at QUILL
– Loves anime, manga, games
– Tends to crack frivolous jokes at other people’s expense
– Cares for Gunvolt even after he leaves QUILL


– Operations officer at QUILL
– No psychic powers
– She’s sort an older sister to both GV and Gino
– Has a clumsy side to her, despite normally being a serious and highly capable officer
– Has a deep admiration for Asimov


– Powerful conglomerate that is composed of power companies
– Sole supplier of the nation’s energy needs
– Also involved in media, space development and military technology
– Have a great influence over politics as well


– Sumeragi lieutenant
– Has a small army of psychics and soldiers serving under him
– Leading a project that would give Sumeragi total control over all psychics
– Speaks in riddles and has a tendency to look down on others
– Thought of as the most powerful among the Sumeragi psychics


Always Nintendo recently caught up with Comcept producer Nick Yu and game director Koji Imaeda to talk all things Mighty No. 9. The two commented on interest in taking advantage of the two screens offered on Wii U and 3DS, DLC, sequels, working with Nintendo, and more.

Check out those interview excerpts below:

On the Wii U/3DS’ dual screens and Miiverse…

Imaeda: Compared to other systems, the 3DS or Wii U run on two screens rather than one, and that is something I’d like us to make good use of. As for Miiverse, weeeell… I haven’t thought that one through yet. I’m sure we’ll think up a few ways of linking it with the game…

Nick: The project has only just made it out of the alpha stage, so we haven’t started working on the ports to each platform yet. That’s one of the steps we’ll be looking at from here on out. If we can get support for this from Nintendo it’s not out of the question, but for now we don’t have any plans.

On DLC plans…

Imaeda: Of course! We are crafting the game with the possibility of future DLC in mind. As for the type of DLC, we’re still trying to figure that out.

Nick: The cold reality you have to face as a producer is that Kickstarted projects come with a built-in ceiling where the budget is concerned. In other words, the amount of pledges you get during the KS campaign itself is all the budget you’re going to get. We don’t have the wiggle room to make any additional content that wasn’t promised during the campaign. However, we can get that wiggle room if the game ends up being a hit, and that’ll be a whole different story…

On possible Mighty No. 9 sequels…

Imaeda: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! (laugh) First and foremost, we need to devote all of our time and energy into making the first game a success, so we don’t have the spare time to think about sequels! Although… the idea “if we do this in the first game, how about this or that for the second or third!” often comes up in discussions with the dev team. Everyone on the team definitely has what it takes, so I’d like to make sequels happen.

Nick: I’ve yet to meet a creator who doesn’t think about sequels! (laugh) Our Mighty No. 9 team is no exception. Depending on how well the game does, you might not only see sequels, but maybe spin-offs as well! Let’s do it, everyone!

On Comcept’s experience working with Nintendo…

Nick: It’s a little nerve-wrecking, but at the same time it’s quite an honor. I do think Nintendo has a knack for making hardware that offers unique ways to enjoy games. Making games for such systems is the ultimate creative challenge for creators, and a fun one at that. Given the opportunity, we’d love to make more games for them.


In an update posted on the game’s official website, Inti Creates and Comcpet shared a few more details about Mighty No. 9.

In terms of Beck’s maneuverability options, players will be able to run, dash, and blast. This includes a downwards dash and a backwards jump, director Koji Imaeda points out.

We also have a tiny bit of new story information as well:

In the game, Beck can run, dash and blast baddies with the best of them, but the truth is he’s a kind and somewhat timid robot. He was never able to display his true talents in the Battle Colosseum, and came to be seen as the weak link holding back his team of fellow Mighty Nos. Gradually he lost more and more self-confidence…until! The global robot rampage!!

Beck was the only robot who didn’t go berserk, which is why he alone is charged with the daunting task of resolving the crisis. At first Beck can’t shake his fears and anxiety, but with the encouragement of his creator Dr. White, he eventually resolves to take on the mission!

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