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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have readied a new Dragon Ball FighterZ character trailer highlighting the addition of Gogeta (SSGSS). Watch it below.

Gogeta (SSGSS) will be available in Dragon Ball FighterZ starting September 26.

Bandai Namco has shared an official gameplay video highlighting Gogeta (SSGSS) in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Have a look at the footage below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ character Gogeta (SSGSS) has received a release date. Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have settled on a launch of September 26, the latest issue of V-Jump reveals.

Broly (DBS) is the final character that will be added for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s current season pass. Aside from Gogeta (SSGSS), other roster additions include Jiren, Videl, Goku (GT), and Janemba.


Gogeta (SSGSS), the latest character revealed as DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ, has received some demonstration of gameplay during this weekend’s TGS 2019.

YouTube channel PS360HD2 has provided footage of the moveset breakdown. Those interested can check it out below. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ has another DLC character to add in Gogeta (SSGSS). In the latest issue of Jump, we learn a bit more about how the character will play.

The entrance scene for Gogeta (SSGSS) shows Goku and Vegeta fusing. He’s capable of shooting Kamehameha and Galick Gun as standard Ki Blast attacks. Meanwhile, the Meteor Attack is the move used in the movie to defeat Broly.

Gogeta (SSGSS) is coming soon to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but there’s no release date just yet.

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This week, Dragon Ball FighterZ received a brand new DLC character in the form of Janemba. View some footage from a GameSpot live stream below.

Bandai Namco had some news to share about Dragon Ball FighterZ at Evo 2019 today. Following the conclusion of the finals, Janemba was officially revealed. Gogeta (SSGSS) is also coming as a DLC character.

Janemba will be added to Dragon Ball FighterZ through the FighterZ Pass 2 on August 8. There’s no date yet for Gogeta (SSGSS) other than “soon”.

Here’s today’s trailer from Evo:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

You may recall that back in May, Xbox appeared to have leaked the next DLC fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Nintendo UK has now seemingly backed that up with a listing on its website.

We’ll be referring to the character in question from here on out. If you don’t want to be spoiled at all, be sure to turn around now.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s second season DLC promises six new characters. Five have been added so far: Jiren, Videl, Broly (DBS), Gogeta (SSGSS), and Goku (GT). One more is on the way, and while Bandai Namco isn’t commenting on it officially, we may know that character’s identity. Don’t continue past this point if you don’t want to be spoiled prior to the possible reveal.

Goku (GT), the latest DLC addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, is available today. Bandai Namco decided to celebrate the occasion by releasing a special “Goku Day” video (since May 9 can be read as “go ku” in Japanese), showcasing some key moments from Dragon Ball history using only in-game footage from FighterZ:

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